Bob Odenkirk Reveals After Stable Condition

‘I Had A Small Heart Attack’: Bob Odenkirk Shares Following His Stable Condition

Bob Odenkirk took to Twitter on Friday to inform his fans that he will take some time to recover but he will be “back soon.”

“Hi. It’s Bob. Thank you,” he tweeted. “To my family and friends who have surrounded me this week. And for the outpouring of love from everyone who expressed concern and care for me. It’s overwhelming. But I feel the love and it means so much.”

The 58-year-old actor went on to write in the same tweet thread and revealed, “I had a small heart attack. But I’m going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery.”

He went on to thank the network and the studio for their help and support.

“Also, AMC and SONYs support and help throughout this has been next-level. I’m going to take a beat to recover but I’ll be back soon,” he added.

Odenkirk’s comedy partner and friend, David Cross also took to Twitter to inform fans that he had a word with the actor on call and “he’s doing great.

“Just got off the phone with Bob and he’s doing great!” Cross,57, wrote. “Joking and japing and joshing. Both he and his family are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concern everyone has shown. You will be hearing from him soon. But he’s doing really well!!!

Actor Elijah Wood also took to the comments section and replied to Cross, “What a massive relief. thank you.” Even, we, our team of WittyScoop is glad that our favorite multi-talented superstar is “REALLY WELL.” Wish him a speedy recovery!

For more updates, keep watching this space.

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