Importance of Horse in Indian Wedding

Importance of Horse in Indian Wedding | Witty Scoop

I am an Indian from an Urban city. During my recent visit to Rajasthan, I came across what can be described as a traditional Hindu Indian wedding. The tradition is known as “Gudhchari” in India and it involves the groom going to get the bride riding on the back of a horse.

Horses have a reputation for being devoted to their owners. Aside from that, this equine species is known for their loyalty, agility, and dynamism. It is worth noting that speed, faithfulness, dynamism, and devotedness are key to self-realization.

The groom dons a Sherwani and pairs it with a Pagdi as he sits on an elegantly decorated horse. It is imperative for the groom to sit on a mare (an adult female horse) as riding over a female horse is associated with having a sense of control and it helps the ride dump his childish behavior.

The riding of female horse and tightening of the reins as the groom is entering a new stage of his life which is going to be full of responsibilities.

Watch the groom enjoying the pride of sitting on a horse:

Some of the Hindu traditions include Ashwamedha Yagna, Sun God was driven by seven horses. I would like to mention, that this is a mere ritual and it is not mandatory to get bride specifically on a horse.

Nevertheless, Indians usually resort to doing it because according to one Sutras (verse) one should follow old ladies and elders when it comes to marriages and funerals.

In the same city, Ajmer which is located in the State of Rajasthan; the animal ride is known for pride and it also attracts tourist from all around the world.

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