How To Become A Stand Up Comedian In India? Here’s Jeeveshu Ahluwalia’s Guide For You

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Stand-up comedian and actor Jeeveshu Ahluwalia opened up about new comedians entering the comedy scene, should be fearless. Moreover, he also gave a piece of advice to those who have achieved a level in the business.

“If you are a comic who has just started or a comic who has been doing it for a while and need stage time, please feel free to reach out for any show that you want to be a part of, be it in your city or any city I am in,” Ahluwalia wrote on LinkedIn over the weekend. “There is nothing called a “Junior Comic” just because some of us started earlier doesn’t make us any better from anyone, it’s never the time spent, it’s the quality your bring.”

He further encouraged the new comics to stop taking cr-p from anyone.

Although he noted that it is “absolutely perfect to be thankful for the spot given to you from any comic who is selling out shows but don’t be obligated, none of us are doing anyone a favor, at least not me, I got the same opportunity by some brilliant comics when I started so I am just paying it forward.”

What to keep in mind at the initial level?

“Stop asking for how your material is or what should you do, comics will never feed you or your family, it is the audience that makes you or will make you who you are. So make them laugh, the smile you bring to their faces and the applause you get from them is all the feedback you need,” he explained.

“It is ok to be competitive but being disappointed by some of your peers doing better than you will consume you from inside and that’s never good,” Ahluwalia added. “Remember you are just one joke, video or a show away to reach to the next level. Your journey is yours so keep walking.”

When no one is laughing

The comedian reflected on many new comics’ fear of not getting enough laughs at their jokes.

“Never blame the audience for not laughing at your jokes, what we do it very self-centered, self-absorbed and a selfish art form, we think in our mind what is funny and then we expect people to pay for it, come from their houses, dress up and take the time out of their lives, laugh at our jokes and when we fail as performers, we blame them, that’s not done. There is nothing called as a bad audience, it’s always a bad comic.”

“Never ever doubt what you have and what you can do, all the opinions you take are just opinions so stop taking them, work hard and hustle because that’s all it takes,” he added. “Be original, get on the stage as many times as you can and you will get better and better each time you do that.”

Advice for success comedians

“When you get big and successful in life, don’t be arrogant to anyone, be it a fellow performer or the audience because it is the fan or the audience that makes you who you are, we need them more than they will ever need us,” he wrote. “So stop, smile, get a picture clicked or sign an autograph, give them a moment to cherish.

“Lastly, remember why you started in the first place, for the love of the art form, never forget that and that’s what will take you through the tough time you will face,” he concluded. “Now get on the stage and have fun!”

If you find his piece of advice helpful in starting your career as a stand-up comedian in India, do let us know in the comments section. For more updates, keep watching this space.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

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