Angela Deem Introduces ’90 Day Fiance’ Fans To Her New BFF

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 Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiance is playing hostess to her new friend, after moving on from her former BFF, Jojo.

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem recently welcomed her new friend to the United States. The American meemaw has already shed light on the reason she and Jojo ended their friendship.

Angie is spending time with a new friend. Her longtime friendship with Jojo came to end recently. To recall, Angela first hinted at losing Jojo as a friend back in October.

Angela Deem & Jojo End Their Friendship Over Debbie Johnson

The reality TV personality shared a complacent response to Jojo not too long ago. However, TLC viewers noticed that Debbie was part of the drama as well. Debbie told one of her fans that she doesn’t tolerate people who treat her badly.

Moving on from the feud, Angela shared a series of selfies with a new BFF on her Instagram account. Regrettably, it is still unclear what could have gone wrong between Angela and her former best friend, Jojo.


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Jojo and Angela were on a vacation in Las Vegas, where they hung around with Debbie. Angela was angry when Jojo said she knew Debbie from the show because she told Jojo she knew Debbie only because of Angela, per ScreenRant.

Angela allegedly yelled at Jojo and called her “irrelevant.” Jojo claims that Angela kicked her out of the hotel room and sent her hurtful messages. Jojo declared that she will “never speak to her again.”

Angela Deem Has A New Friend

However, the controversial reality TV personality is making it known that she doesn’t need Jojo by her side. Taking to her Instagram account earlier this week, Angela posted a video of herself posing alongside psychic Tracey Woolterton. To recall, Woolterton has appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 6.

Welcome MY PSYCHIC TRACEY TO THE USA OK Georgia lol,” Angela captioned the video. As expected, fans took to the comments section to express their opinions. “Angela has moved on,” one fan wrote. Another added, “go on Angela live your life and ignore all the jealous people.”

For those who are unaware, Tracey is from the U.K. and was born and raised in Birmingham, London. During an appearance on HEA, she did a joint reading with Angela and her husband Michael. 

According to Tracey, Michael was scamming Angela just to get himself in the United States. Michael apologized to his wife. Tracey has told me some things that nobody knows, and I know, this lady here has a gift,” Angela said about her new BFF.


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