How Prince Harry’s Memoir Will Impact The Royal Family

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How Prince Harry will be unveiling his story is likely to have a huge impact on the monarchy. Harry will be putting pen to paper in a bid to tell a final version of his life story. More importantly, it will be up to him to decide how others are portrayed. When Prince Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah for a tell-all interview earlier this year, the couple shared significant details about their experiences of royal life.

Prince Harry Dawn Porter Oprah Winfrey

With Prince Harry gearing up to write an “intimate and heartfelt” memoir, the monarchy’s attempts to improve the post-Sussex brand’s rundown reputation have been jeopardized. Although the royal family has remained mum about Harry and Meghan’s actions and comments, the duo’s repeated attempts to lift the lid on the royal life have clearly sent shockwaves through the royal family.

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Harry taking the editor’s chair is significant. He has long been frustrated due to the lack of control he has had over what is said or written about him. In a Q&A with Fast Company, he opened up about a “false narrative” surrounding him and Meghan that “became the mothership for all of the harassment.”

Harry now feels free. His upcoming memoir is touted as the “definitive account” of the man he has become. It is no secret that his book will determine how others are seen. Harry has spoken several times about truthful reporting, and now he has the power to decide how he presents the facts, and what he chooses not to reveal.

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According to a Sussex spokesperson, Harry spoke with them about the book. More details of personal disputes will be made public. As a result, family members will be preparing themselves. Aside from that, the book could have a huge impact on the future of the monarchy if the book includes anything that will turn public opinion against senior royals.

Queen Prince Harry Meghan Markle

The Prince’s memoirs is likely to be published in late 2022. It could turn out to be an explosive finale to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year.

Prince Harry

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