Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Donates Diapers to Mothers in Need

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Donates Diapers to Mothers in Need

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem unstoppable when it comes to helping others. Their long list of generous donations added donating baby diapers to the charity as part of the company’s Million Acts of Love Campaign.

Harvest Home’s Instagram account revealed on Thursday that they are “thankful to the Archewell Foundation, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and @proctergamble and @pampersus for the incredible donation through their Million Acts of Love Campaign. Thank you for helping us ensure that our moms and babies have all they need in our homes!”

The official handle wrote, “These diapers recently arrived at our new Pico-Robertson Home” along with a photo of diapers.



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Harvest Home is a charitable organization that helps to transform the lives of homeless pregnant women in and around Los Angeles. They provide for them and their kids.

Even before, the Sussexes have worked with Harvest Home and the power couple had made a donation in partnership with Procter & Gamble in celebration of Mother’s Day.

“As a mom, and an expectant mom, I deeply appreciate the significance of community support, safe and accessible pregnancy resources, and trusted guidance in a nurturing setting,” Meghan wrote at the time. “These ingredients are essential to not just our physical health, but our mental well-being, and I commend you for leading a compassionate community that lives these values.

“Thank you for all you do for the women and mothers who are turned away elsewhere, at no fault of their own,” she continued. “When we consider how vulnerable any mother feels during the fragile time of pregnancy, we gain perspective about how especially difficult it can be for pregnant women of color and those who come from under-resourced and vulnerable communities. I hope you will accept an offer of support to help further uplift Harvest Home’s residents.”

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3 thoughts on “Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Donates Diapers to Mothers in Need”

  1. So you like to cover the Markle’s lies by deleting my comments huh You make me sick! ? Suck up to “yacht girl” Meghan Markle and Homely Harry all you want but Karma, the public and THE Queen will come for you now wittyscoop ?

  2. A higher level of journalism needs to be portrayed here. Calling these two a “power couple” is ridiculous. Look into the Archwell Charity it is set up just like the Clinton Foundation. They register them in a state that allows these once titled Royals to pretend to have a charity while keeping 95+% of the donations and giving less than 5% to the actual causes you donate to them for. Dispicable and dishonest EX-Royals. They have been mooching off Tyler Perry, Oprah and others in Hollywood for the past year and a half. Interview Mr. Perry, he is angry it has now come out that they actually received over 50 million dollars when leaving Britain. Mr. Perry’s mansion was abused and partied in nonstop as well as he felt bad for them and has been paying for their security this entire time they’ve been in the US. Now it turns out most of what they’ve proclaimed is lies. Interview Netflix and Spotify, they are ready to cancel contracts that the dim witted couple has already accepted millions in prepayment for and are now in breach of contract. The most they ever did to fulfill those contracts is to produce 1 podcast shoddily from own home equipment. Straight truths in journalism will save reputations as this rounds out and we find out who has been lying for Mr. & Mrs. Sussex or naively believing their lies. Period.

  3. Except Meghan Markle wouldn’t know what challenges pregnant women face would she?! SMH ??‍♀️ Her entitlement is at an all time high acting like she is still a Duchess and she can “commend” us about anything in this article when she has been ordered not to use a title (they are actually against the law in the USA)or the Queen will finish punishing she & Harry’s audacity & betrayal by taking every shred of titles away. Imbeciles.

    Their LA PR company Sunshine Sachs needs to be put out of business too for shoving these jackasses down our throats constantly. She is so entitled and vile! FYI Meghan had so many abortions working as a “yacht girl” (whore for the elites, actors, etc. on yachts parked in the waters outside places like Cannes Film Festival and George Clooney’s Lake Como, that she and Harry had to use full surrogates/adoption. The fact that she lies constantly and it’s proven that she’s actually 45 now also would come in to play greatly as it would make it even more of a dangerous Geriatric Pregnancy if it had even been viable. Harry’s closest old friends have come out and said Harry admitted to several of them that he was sterile around 2014 before he met and married Meghan. So I guess there’s a big reason the royal family wouldn’t give the adopted/surrogate “children” of these narcissistic pricks the titles of Prince and Princess of the UK. Those random “children” aren’t even related to the Monarch and that is not allowed in royal families where succession & inheritance are important. In fact a 1000+ yr old law still active in Britain says royal heirs must be “ born of the body of the legal wife…” so ??‍♀️ Meghan & Harry’s Surrogates/adoptions are NOT counted as the Queen’s great grandchildren nor will they inherit. I believe they all would have loved and cherished the babies if Meghan hadn’t cowardly attacked the royal family, grabbed Archie and ran to America. Charles is so fed up & angry with sniveling Harry & Meghan attacking the almost 100 yr old Queen during morning that he has said Harry, Meghan and their “children” will inherit nothing and no titles for any of them. The morons “bit the hand that fed them and deserve it. SMH ??‍♀️ Boom All facts Meghan & Harry conveniently left out to make themselves look better.

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