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4 Reasons Why ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Angela Deem Is Now Rich

’90 Day Fiance’ star Angela Deem has been flaunting her weight loss on the show after going through costly treatment. The 55-year-old is giving viewers every reason to believe that she is rich now.

Angela has become a household name following her relationship with Michael Ilesanmi and her shocking weight loss and plastic surgery worth more than $25k. She previously mentioned taking care of her Nigerian husband’s expenses including wedding, car, food, and “everything” else.

She was first introduced on “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days” season 2, at that time she was working as a certified nursing assistant at a non-profit hospice in Georgia.

Why do fans think she is rich then? Let’s find out.

Angela Takes Care Of Large Family But Still Maintains Her Lifestyle

It is interesting how Angela once accused her husband of withdrawing $900 from her account through an ATM in Nigeria. Moreover, she asked her husband to quit his job in order to get his full attention. Many fans noticed that Angela has a large family that includes two daughters, Skyla and Scottie Deem, and six grandkids and still lives quite comfortably. Furthermore, she spends a good amount of money on her looks.

TLC Payments

Angela is one of those stars who originally appeared long back but later TLC keeps bringing her back to be a part of various spin-offs. It seems that the network is paying her a good amount for featuring in the Tell-All episodes. Interestingly, she has gained popularity on Instagram with 655k+ followers and 150k+ followers on her Tiktok account.

Sponsored Posts On Social Media

Considering her popularity on social media, it is a no-brainer that she does a lot of brand promotions on her account. She sells weight loss tea, which is controversial for sure. Moreover, she also kept improving her fashion game as she flaunts her stylish outfits and completes her look with various hair extensions.


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Cameo Videos

Last but not the least, Angela charges $125 for a Cameo video message and after launching her own merchandise store, all her items were sold out. Although some fans think that the surgeries she got done by the doctors were absolutely free because she featured them on her social media and also on the show. This means the doctors and clinics received a free promotion because of her. The deal sounds good, isn’t it?

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  1. Angela and her daughters are always scamming someone for publicity and money. They know that TLC will have them back year after year …but with each season they must up their ante of outrageous and vulgar behaviors. She is a mean bully and a con artist….and should not be on the show

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