Game Over Review - Innovative Thriller With Brilliant Screenplay

Game Over Review – Innovative Thriller With Brilliant Screenplay

Game Over Review - Innovative Thriller With Brilliant ScreenplayGame Over Review: It is hard for the Indian audience to buy a ticket without any superstar. Let’s accept the fact, that we usually watch such movies after downloading from the internet or wait for it to release on the television.

After watching it through any other medium we feel like this was worth watching in the theatre but we missed it. GAME OVER is one such movie, which you will regret NOT watching in the theatre.

Story: It is a THRILLER. Why tell the story? Go! Watch it!

Background Score/Music: The movie’s important aspects can be understood only with the background music without many visualizations. It is a great choice to make the movie in the budget.

Characterization: Each and every character is important, no matter how small the role is. Taapsee Pannu played a character who is suffering from trauma which leads to another major tragedy in her life.

Taapsee played both the parts extremely well. Other characters like Vinodhini Vaidyanathan and Sanchana Natarajan performed really well in their roles. Looking forward to see more on them in Bollywood.

Music: The best part about the movie is there are no unnecessary songs. Oh, wait! There are no songs in the movie which keeps you on your toe and make the movie realistic.

Drawback: The first half felt a little slow although the screenplay is well written. The length of the movie could have been reduced. The second half is amazingly catchy and will make you bite your nails for sure.

Plus Point: You might assume the movie might show a lot of nagging in the end from the girl but the way things turn out, in the end, will blow your mind.

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