Secret Of Celebrities To Look 10 Pound Thinner

Secret Of Celebrities To Look 10 Pound Thinner

Secret Of Celebrities To Look 10 Pound ThinnerSecret Of Celebrities: A healthy diet and hard workouts are ideally the only best way to look thin and young but there are times when you cannot wait for those fitness regimes to work. You might need a quick fix to hide your flab and look thin. In such cases, fashion tips do wonder in sabotaging that extra flab and hips while making you look slightly thin.

Collect V Necklines

The open up-side-down triangle neckline or broader V necklines can provide an illusion of longer and slimmer body by balancing broad hip and things. So reach out for V necklines for everything you buy from dresses, jackets, cardigans, and sweaters. Horizontal or boat necklines make your shoulder and bust look wider and can make you look fat.

Use the Same Color

A smart way to look thin is to wear the same color bottom and top so that an uninterrupted vertical vision is created thus making you look thinner and taller.

Get The Right Size

Don’t buy clothes that are too clingy as it will overexpose all the extra pounds in your body and baggy clothes are also a big no as they will make you look wider. Buy clothes that fit in right and enhance your structure.

Try Flowing Fabrics

Go for materials that are light and just flow along your frame and flaunts your body’s contours.

Introduce Darker Hues In Your Wardrobe

Dark colors like black, chocolate brown, deep plum, navy blue, and other such hues can provide you a slimming effect. Put in black trousers, dress, or skirt and pair it up with other color top or jacket.

Big No To Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal makes eye to look from side to side and can make you look even fatter. However, trying out pleats or stripes in a vertical pattern can work just the opposite way by creating an illusion of slenderness.

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