Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing Saree In Different Style

Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing Saree In Different Style

Let’s Have A Look At Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing Saree In Different Style

Nothing can beat saree in the fact that it can make you look both sensual as well as traditional. You can add to the sensuality of the nine-yard cloth by giving some twists to the way you drape it. With a wide variety of cultures in India, women of each state have adopted a different style and all of them are equally good. This is a complete guide for you to know how to drape a saree in a different style.

Gujarati Wearing Saree Style:

This saree style is very similar to the regular saree wearing pattern the only difference is that you shall have to drape the pallu in your right shoulder falling above your knee on your front. The daily saas-bahu soaps have made this pattern very famous among ladies and this can be easily draped with only a little twist with the regular saree draping.

Bengali Wearing Saree Style:

Have you admired Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vidya Balan on their Bengali bahu avatar and wanted to drape the saree in Bengali style? This pattern actually looks a little difficult but this will make the job easy for you. Tuck the saree on the right side of your waist and now take the remaining saree tuck it half way to your left. Make a single fold and tuck it at the back on your left just near your waist. Now cross the saree again to your right from the front side of your body and then take it back on the right side and tuck it just near your waist. Now drape the remaining part of your saree along your chest on the left side of your shoulder, make pleats and pin it on your left shoulder. Drape the pallu around the body twice with two wide pleats at the front. To get a royal Bengali look you can tie a bunch of key on the end of your pallu and let it fall on your right shoulder.

Maharashtrian Saree Style:

Isn’t it amazing how Maharashtrian women manage to wear a 9-yard piece of cloth (Maharashtrian sarees are longer than usual 6 yards)? This pattern is worn over capris. The pleats of the saree are wrap into a bolster / in a banana form using the initial layer. Take the pleat that lies in the middle and brings it to your backside between your legs and tucks it behind. To complement the saree do not forget to wear the traditional nose piece.

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