Boycott Pepsi: Twitter Users Urges To Stop Using PepsiCo Products Over Texas Abortion Bill

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After a Twitter user named E. Jean Carroll shared a tweet to boycott Pepsi, alleging that the company has donated a huge amount of money to the GOP legislators in order to get the Texas abortion bill passed.

“Need ANOTHER reason to stop drinking Pepsi?” Carroll tweeted on Monday. “@PepsiCo sent a big fat check to the GOP legislators who got the TEXAS ABORTION BILL passed.”

Many users took to the comments section to share their reactions.

One of the users replied, “Welp, it’s bye-bye to @PepsiCo products then. If they’re onboard with undermining women’s most basic rights, there’s no need to spend another penny on their products. Looking at this list, I see that will not be too difficult. Lots of good alternatives for each of these.”

However, some users had differences of opinion. One of the users wrote, “And where’s your evidence of this? Do they not also donate to other parties as well? I’m also not going to spring into action just because you said something happened. Anyone can just SAY something. Hell, I could say @ejeancarroll supports that bill. Doesn’t make it true though.”

Another user wrote, “Any sources? If true I will not support Pepsi but my research shows no donations to Texas in 2020, and they have done no donations in 2021 because of jan 6. They also donated more to Democrats that republicans the last few years, until 2002 it was mainly and a lot to republicans.”

One of the Twitter user noted that the company donated to both the parties to stay in power, “They donate to both parties because they’re not donating for politics, they’re donating for power. This is about lobbying and corpotocracy. They don’t care about abortion in the slightest. Pepsi isn’t the “problem”, lobbying is.”

What do you think of this boycott Pepsi trend? Let us know in the comments section. For more updates, keep checking this space.

Boycott Pepsi: Twitter Users Urges To Stop Using PepsiCo Products
Photo by Julia Avamotive from Pexels

1 thought on “Boycott Pepsi: Twitter Users Urges To Stop Using PepsiCo Products Over Texas Abortion Bill”

  1. End all abortions NOW. Liberals love killing humans (their offspring) “but but but don’t eat animals!!!!!!”

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