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90 Day Fiance’s Jenny Reveals The Real Reason Why She And Sumit Are Still In India

Former 90 Day Fiance star Jenny Slatten has revealed why Sumit Singh did not apply for a US visa. The couple recently got engaged in India, sparking rumors about Sumit’s U.S. visa getting denied.

Jenny recently acknowledged speculations surrounding Sumit Singh’s U.S. visa getting denied on Instagram. She had moved to India on  90 Day Fiance: The Other Way to be with Sumit. Despite all the drama surrounding the massive age gap, the pair is still together in India.


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Some TLC fans are wondering why Jenny and Sumit didn’t move to the United States, especially since that’s what his parents also wanted years ago. Unlike most 90 Day Fiance cast members who are accused of marrying their American partners for a green card, Sumit had a different reason to be in a relationship with Jenny, per ScreenRant.

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Contrary to everyone’s prediction, Sumit divorced his wife, gave Jenny a promise ring, and was even ready to marry her. TLC viewers realized that Jenny and Sumit actually loved each other, and were not together for fame or money. However, some viewers raised questions over Sumit and Jenny’s decision to stay in Uttar Pradesh, India. 


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Others believed that the pair remained in India due to financial difficulties, but Jenny has revealed the real reason on Instagram. One of Jenny’s IG followers asked the 62-year-old reality TV star why Sumit isn’t able to go to the US. “Was he denied a visa?” the 90 Day Fiance viewer asked.

Jenny replied with, “nope, we chose to live in India,” before revealing that they never even applied for a visa for Sumit. “This is our choice,” she said and stressed the fact that Sumit was “never denied anything” because they “never applied” for a visa.

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