'90 Day Fiance': Tiffany Goes Against TLC Policy, Reveals Ronald's Messages on Instagram

’90 Day Fiance’: Tiffany Goes Against TLC Policy, Reveals Ronald’s Messages on Instagram

The “90 Day Fiance” star Tiffany did something on Instagram that she was not supposed to do as per the policy. This could land her in trouble.

Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship has always been rocky. But she took her away and expose her relation with Ronald on Instagram which is against her contract with her “90 Day Fiance”.

While some believe that their divorce is just for publicity and fake drama but Tiffany just revealed messages by Ronald which was quite troubling for her fans to see.

Here are the screenshots against “90 Day Fiance” policies shared on Instagram Stories

90 Day Fiance starTiffany Goes Against TLC Policy, Reveals Ronald's Messages on Instagram

Though she was not supposed to do this as per the policy Tiffany has given up on her patience. Tiffany and Ronald were trying to keep up their marriage though being living in different countries.

In one of the episodes, Tiffany along with her kids visited Ronald but instead of mixing up, they started arguing.

However, hints on media made seem that everything is not so bad between the couple. Against all speculation, Tiffany and Ronald are again in limelight.

Disturbing messages caught fans’ attention

Few messages by Tiffany on her Instagram are quite troubling. As their story is still going on, she was not supposed to disclose the message.

Tiffany herself accepted she was going against the tide as she doesn’t care now. Even Ronald responded to tiffany’s message on her Instagram. He made a statement that tiffany is going to regret it and that he just wants is his kids.

Ronald has still a soft corner to his daughter and stepson. He wants to prove he is a good father. Ronald also has given a push to his divorce rumors when he said he is looking for a lawyer to discuss options.

On the other hand, tiffany must be feeling enraged to break the contract policies and disturbing the storylines.

Fans pray that tiffany and Ronald should find some solution and move forward so that their two children are not made the sufferers for their behavior and lead a happy life. For more updates keep watching this space.

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