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’90 Day Fiance’: Sumit Reveals The Biggest Turnoff About Jenny

The relationship of Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten of TLC’s hit reality show, 90 Day Fiance, has been an emotional rollercoaster.

The pair has faced severe opposition from Sumit Singh’s parents but has continued living together in India. While some fans have raised concerns over his intentions to marry Jenny Slatten, the former call center employee has shown no sign of dumping his 62-year-old girlfriend.

However, it seems that there is something that Sumit doesn’t like about Jenny. During Us Weekly’s Couple Game, the reality TV star revealed his biggest turn-off about his girlfriend. Sumit wasn’t willing to admit his “biggest turnoff” about Jenny, but he received permission from her.

Sumit revealed that “complaints” get on his nerves. However, Jenny thought it would be her forgetting things. “Because I complain too much,” Jenny said. “I do. It’s true.”

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Sumit went on to say why complaining is his pet peeve. “I don’t know whether it’s an American thing or not, but I don’t think it’s an American thing,” he said. “She has issues with everything.”


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Much to Sumit’s chagrin, Jenny doesn’t think her behavior will be changing anytime soon. “I just complain,” she told Us. “I can’t help it. I’m a complainer.”

The couple also admitted that Sumit is the more romantic of the two. “Sumit does everything for me … and everything to me is romantic that he does,” Jenny said.

Elsewhere in the game, Sumit revealed that he enjoys preparing everything “from morning tea to late-night snack” for Jenny. On top of that, he does that unprompted.

. “He’ll just go and cook me something. He’ll come in the room with it. I didn’t ask for it, I don’t expect it. He just does it,” Jenny shared. “He just always is so caring and concerned about me.”

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Although Sumit and Jenny are engaged, Sumit has some doubts after his past divorce. “If you talk about marriage, I don’t have a very good experience with marriage in the past,” he recalled. 

Sumit had admitted earlier that his arranged marriage made him feel suicidal, and is now trying to overcome the trauma.

“The fear is still there in my heart, in my mind, somewhere, but I know the person I’m living with is nice,” he said. “I hope everything will go fine.” Jenny, on the other hand, is waiting with bated breath to make their union official.

“I’ll feel more confident.” He added, “I’ll be his wife,” she told Us of why marriage is important to her. “I’ll just feel better about the whole thing.”

Aside from that, she wants more stability in her future. “It’s the visa thing. Once we get married, I’ll be able to stay in India,” she said.

 “My visa will turn into a different visa, and I won’t have to do the every six months thing [leaving the country], which is hard. I’ll take care of that and then, plus, I’ll have rights to things.” Do you think Sumit and Jenny will tie the knot in the coming months? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hopefully now amidst all these things finally they get married and Jenny can stay in India for good.

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