'90 Day Fiance’: Jenny, Sumit Visits Astrologer; Reveals Shocking Prediction [VIDEO]

’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny, Sumit Visits Astrologer; Reveals Shocking Prediction [VIDEO]

“90 Day Fiance” star Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh seek help from an astrologist in regards to their marriage. The visit to the astrologist revealed a surprising prediction.

The astrologist declares that he was aware of Sumit’s older women relationship concerns for the past 20 years. The astrologist suggested that Jenny and Sumit should not rush into a marriage.

Star Jenny and Sumit are having a lot of trouble tying the knot. Firstly, Sumit had catfished Jenny and was initially found to be married. Finally, after divorcing his ex-wife, Jenny is now having to deal with Sumit’s parent’s lack of approval.  

The Astrologist Predictions

To resolve their matrimonial challenges the “90 Day Fiance” couple visit an astrologist. Notably, the astrologist tells Sumit and Jenny that faith will decide their marriage. 

Furthermore, when Sumit was 5 years old, the astrologist reveals that his father had paid him a visit. Having said that, the astrologist told Sumit’s father, “You will have big trouble about this kid. Because his marriage is a failure and he will surely go for a lady with older age.”

In addition to the statement, the astrologist says Jenny is the “fortunate one”. On the other hand, Jenny claims that she has never gotten her “planets” predicted because she didn’t believe in it. Sumit notes that the astrology method is a “science”.  

The astrologist then makes a note of Jenny’s birth date, time, and location for his records. Firstly, he suggests Sumit not “create a fight” with his parents. Especially revealing that the planets have sealed the couple’s destiny. 

Alternatively, the astrologist continued, “You people don’t have to force a marriage very fast.” In addition, the astrology expert remarked, “Let God decide what is good for you”. 

Meanwhile, he suggests Jenny and Sumit to “maintain peace and calmness.” Above all, the surprising reveal by the astrologist was, “I’m declaring it today. If you two will force a marriage, you two will end up fighting.” 

As a result of the comment, Sumit and Jenny displayed a worried look. On top of that, the astrology expert predicts that if they rush into a marriage. “It’ll break soon.”

Jenny’s Indian Citizenship 

Due to the pandemic, Jenny’s Indian visa was granted an extension. But the “90 Day Fiance” star wants to marry Sumit before it expires. 

To date, Jenny has been residing in India through a 10-year tourist visa. Having said that, after every six months, this visa requires her to go back to the United States. 

’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ Speculates Jenny & Sumit’s Marriage 

Apart from the astrologist’s predictions, season 3 of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” may witness the couple’s marriage. Unless the parents of Sumit decide to create trouble for Jenny again. 

Star Jenny has been with Sumit through thick and thin. From accompanying him even when Sumit cheated on her and when his parents offended her. 

Stay in tune with all updates on “90 Day Fiance” here. Will Jenny and Sumit get married this season? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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  1. Jenny has a lot of patience. She really loves Sumit. However Sumit has not taken a stand. Now since Jenny didn’t get an extension on her Visa, Sumit is busy calling the travel agent and making arrangements for staying in Nepal or Bali. That’s funny. On the top of it, I think he lost his passport too.

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