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’90 Day Fiance’: Natalie Mordovtseva Deletes Abandoned Pets Photos From IG

“90 Day Fiance” star Natalie Mordovtseva recently deleted all evidence of her former pet favorites from her Instagram account. This surprising activity is due to fans commenting on her lack of care and attention for the pets.

Due to the outrage received by viewers, Natalie is on the hot seat for her performance in TLC’s reality series. The star gained a bad reputation for tossing a pet away. However, Natalie is trying her best to stay clear from those bad judgments.

Notably during Natalie’s arrival in America in Season 8 of the hit reality TV show “90 Day Fiance”, she had two furry animals. A dog “Nymeria” and a rat “Lucky” that Natalie got in Season 6 when she was in a relationship with Mike.

The star was known to post images featuring Nymeria on Instagram constantly. But on the series “Happily Ever After?” Natalie appeared to grow fond of Lucky the rat. Moreover, during the end of her marriage with Mike, the star was strangely cooing over the rat.

Furthermore, when Mike and Natalie broke up, fans started questioning where the two animals featured on the star’s Instagram feed had vanished.

Natalie’s Pets Seek Home In Mike’s Residence

Sadly for the two pets, Natalie has a bad background when it comes to attending to them. Meanwhile, Mike’s Uncle Beau declares that Natalie ran over her dog with her car (not intentionally), and left Nymeria with Mike after the incident.

In addition, Mike posted a video of Lucky the rat playing outside his house. Fans delivered bad press to Natalie for leaving her pets. As a result of the insults picking up, the star has deleted all evidence and remarks of the two pets on her Instagram account.

The star is going through a significant change in her life. Above all Natalie’s immigration status still requires clearing. Taking on the added responsibility of her two pets is something that is not achievable at the moment.

The backlash of Natalie’s pets has been on the surface significantly after Mike and she broke up. As a result of her split and move from Washington DC, the decision to leave the pets in Mike’s care looks ideal. Having said that Natalie is currently residing in Florida.

’90 Day Fiance’: Is There Another Pet In Natalie’s Life?

Viewers were quick to take note of Natalie snuggling with a cute ginger cat after moving to Florida. Fans are not buying her past pets distancing act. For now, with Mike, the pets have a reliable place to reside.

Was Natalie right to abandon her pets in Washington? Let us know in the comments below. For more updates, keep checking this space.

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  1. Sunia Mukherjee

    That’s not a great idea according to me. Celebrities will receive backlash. That’s the flip side of stardom. She should prove to the fans that she is a good pet mom.

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