’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Offers A Shocking Cure To Having A Baby With Angela

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Michael Ilesanmi shocked Angela Deem by offering a cure for them to have a baby after dropping their plan to call it quits. 

Angela Deem accused Michael Ilesanmi of not paying attention to her when she underwent weight-loss surgery. The couple’s problems were amplified when she reduced her breast size, and they broke up for two weeks. They reconciled during a stomach-churning bathtub scene. Now, Michael is bent on having a baby with Angela, per ScreenRant.

A joint reading Michael and Angela had with psychic Tracey pacified things. Angela accused Michael of trying to scam her and claimed she could get any man she desired, but Michael forgave her for a Green Card, according to fans. On top of that, he admitted that his wife now looks young and beautiful. In episode 13 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Michael wondered if she would now agree to carry her baby since she has lost weight and become healthy.

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Michael’s Nigerian friends suggested he could ship his sperm to the US, as seen in a new clip from the TLC show. Michael revealed that he had never practiced onanism since it is considered a sin in the Christian religion. However, he agreed to meet a fertility doctor and figure things out with Angela over a video call before he goes to the United States.

When Michael said, “Let’s talk about having a baby together.” Angela asked him if he was out of his mind, but he insisted on going to a fertility clinic and get his sperm tested. “We freeze it then ship it to the U.S.,” Michael explained, after which he wanted it to be fertilized with Skyla’s egg.

However, Angela said Skyla will not be able to help them considering that she herself wants to enjoy her new body after a 100-pound weight loss. Aside from that, she said she did not do all this to have a baby. “What if I didn’t get there in another year?” Michael asked. Angela realized that he would have to watch adult content for self-stimulation.

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Michael told the cameras that Angela will make fun of him during the process. “I know she’s not gonna let me do it on my own because she’s so jealous,” he added. Angela agreed that Michael should go for a consultation, but told the producers that she wished he “would just give it a break,” because she’s “been through hell” to transform and have a better lifestyle.

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