’90 Day Fiance’: Karine Hints At Permanently Splitting From Paul

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Karine Martins from 90 Day Fiance has dropped a major clue about her impending split from Paul Staehle.

90 Day Fiance star Karine Martins might be gearing up for a permanent breakup from husband Paul Staehle if her latest Instagram Story is anything to go by. Moreover, her decision to end her relationship with her husband can be attributed to their children’s future.

In her latest Instagram Story, Karine claimed that her boys, Pierre and Ethan were better off in two happy homes than one unhappy one. The tumultuous couple has already surpassed everyone’s expectations by being together for such a long time.

Both Paul and Karine have displayed disturbing behavior in the past, but things have been escalating lately. Last week, video footage showing Karine abusing Paul during an altercation surfaced online.

They had another altercation when Paul received a message stating that Karine was cheating on him. Now, if she is planning to divorce Paul, it has certainly been a long time coming 

Karine Martins Hints At Splitting From Paul Staehle

This will not be the first time Karine is contemplating divorce from her husband. The rumor mill has been churning out speculations surrounding their divorce for a long time now. However, the toxic couple always manages to end up back together.

It is still unclear if anything will change this time around. However, a report from Monsters&Critics suggests that Karine might be considering a permanent split from her husband after the recent blowout.

“I had always heard that there is no love greater than ‘mother’s love,’” Karine captioned a photo of her sons in her latest Instagram Story. “It turns out that it was definitely only possible to understand and agree with that thought after having [your] children.”

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  1. they need to divorce and she needs go back home they was not right together from the start…

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