’90 Day Fiance’: Kim Urges Usman’s Friends Not To Call Her Super Fan

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Kim Menzies from 90 Day Fiance doesn’t fancy being referred to as a “super fan,” and insists that she’s more than that of Usman Umar. 

Kim Menzies and Usman Umar are figuring out if they have a love connection on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. She flew to Tanzania to accompany Usman who is shooting a video there. Her original plan involved meeting him in person and checking if he feels the same way about her as she does for him.

Kim Doesn’t Like Been Referred To As Usman’s Super Fan

However, she has a few concerns regarding this meeting. For instance, she doesn’t like his friends calling her “Super Fan.”

Kim decided to wear one of Usman’s fan shirts when she arrived to meet him. The first thing his manager and friends said when she showed up t the airport was, “Hi Super fan.”

Kim got very upset and even asked them to stop calling her that. “Don’t call me that– superfan. I’m more than a fan now,” she told them.

“You know what I mean? I’m his potential. I mean, like, I’m here. He invited me here to watch the video. Because I am a fan. You know what I’m saying?” 

Usman Stands Up For Kim

Usman quickly asked his friends not to call her super fan, much to the delight and relief of Kim. “And the fact that Usman stood up for me really shows me that he does care,” Kim told the cameras (via DailySoapDish). 

“But, we have a limited amount of time to figure out where Usman and I are at, and where we’re going,” she added. 

However, she was shocked when she found out that Usman has booked separate hotel rooms for them. When they went back to her room, she gave him very expensive gifts, but he insisted on sleeping in a room by himself that night.

Kim wanted to be intimate with Usman in a bid to figure out his feelings for her. “I’m a persuasive woman. And I hope that when Usman sees all the romantic decorations, that he’ll get the think, and want to stay in my room tonight,” she told the cameras.

“Yeah, I mean, I felt like I was coming here to meet you,” Kim told Usman. “We don’t know what’s gonna happen… I felt like you invited me here. It’s really special to me, so I’m gonna get the most expensive room in the hotel.”

“Hopefully, you’ll be here with me. This will be your side.” Usman told cameras, “It’s kind of too much because I’m not a boyfriend yet.” 

90 Day Fiance Kim and Usman

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