90 day fiance Jenny Slatten Sumit

’90 Day Fiance’: Jenny Slatten Turns Another Year Older Than Sumit’s Mother

90 day fiance Jenny Slatten Sumit

90 Day Finance: Sumit and Jenny have had a hard time convincing the former’s parents, who aren’t willing to accept their son’s American lover as their daughter-in-law because she is twice as old as him.

Sumit’s parents Anil and Sahana Singh are against their son tying the knot with his American lover citing the massive age gap between them. While Sumit is in his 30s, Jenny recently turned 62, another year older than her boyfriend’s mother.

Both Anil and Sahna see Jenny’s old age as a huge problem in terms of allowing their son to marry her because they think she would not be able to give them grandchildren. While nothing seems to be going their way, the 90 Day Fiance couple has stumbled upon another problem as Jenny turned one more year older than Sumit’s mom.

Despite getting tricked by Sumit about eight years ago, Jenny fell in love with the Delhi-based man who did not even tell her that he was already married back in India. The Palm Springs native flew to India within a year and overstayed her welcome at his parents’ house.

After Sumit’s parents found about their son’s romance with a woman twice his age, they decided to arrange his marriage with a girl of their choice. Sumit, however, continued cheating on his legally wedded wife, while lying to Jenny, who eventually found out what was going on.

Sumit is finally divorced and the couple is planning to have their ring ceremony, despite his parents’ disapproval of Jenny. During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, Sumit\s parents told him that he would have to marry Jenny over their dead bodies, with Anil telling him to find a hundred-year-old woman and get married, instead.

While it is clear that Jenny isn’t likely to get a stamp of approval from her boyfriend’s parents, especially now that she has turned a year older than his mother, Sumit is still by her side. What do you think Sumit and Jenny need to do to get Anil and Sahana’s approval?

Jenney recently made kheer for his parents hoping to make a good impression, but it looks like that plan failed as they are still against her marrying their son.


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