90 Day Fiance Julia and Brandon

’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Speculate Julia Trubkina’s Pregnancy Test Was Likely Positive

90 Day Fiance Julia and Brandon

90 Day Fiance viewers have begun to wonder if Julia Trubkina is pregnant or if she is simply trying to break free of Betty Gibbs’ dominion.

Julia Trubkina clearly doesn’t want to work with her fiance Brandon Gibbs and his parents on their farm. The TLC star hasn’t shied away from showing how unhappy she is with the sleeping arrangements that his parents initially had for her.

Upon arriving in the U.S., Julia learned that she and Brandon will not be allowed to sleep in the same bed, and she will have to work on the farm along with her fiance and his family. On top of that, Betty tries to force Julia to get onto birth control, but Julia refuses to put any medication into her body.

It appears there might be a whoops if rumors doing the rounds online are anything to go by. After the couple spent some time together in the spa, Julia and Brandon get yelled at as Betty was upset with the condition of the hot tub, which she says is only for therapeutic purposes and not for entertainment.

The next morning, Betty notices that the hot tub is cloudy and is frustrated that she needs to drain the water down once again. According to SoapDirt, that could be when Julia and Brandon made their rumored baby.

Julia is seen standing in front of Brandon, holding a red cup in the bathroom. She also has a pregnancy test in her hand. She then asks Brandon if two lines mean she is pregnant.

Brandon is in disbelief and asks her if she is serious, before starting to read the instructions from the test kit. He is later seen sitting down with Betty to tell her that they took a test. She replies, “no” and then asks her son if he is “kidding her.”

Considering the reaction Betty and Ron gave to Julia and Brandon, the pregnancy test was likely positive. 90 Day Fiance viewers will find out soon if Julia is pregnant. We will update here.

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