90 day fiance brandon Julia

’90 Day Fiance’: Brandon’s Mom Wants Full Control Of Her Son’s Girlfriend

90 day fiance brandon Julia

90 Day Fiance: Spoilers introduce the viewers to Brandon and his girlfriend, Julia. Brandon lives in Virginia and to save money for their marriage.

He and his Russian girlfriend stay with his parents. He was dismayed when his dad told him that the couple would be sleeping in separate rooms.

Brandon is very close to his parents. He doesn’t like the idea that he and Julia will be living in separate rooms and feels that she won’t’ like it either.

Brandon said that his mother can be a little controlling and she always trying to tell him what to do. When his mom queried about birth control, Brandon told her that Julia isn’t on it and doesn’t believe in putting these chemicals into her body.

When his mom asked him what he is doing for birth control, he told her that he doesn’t want to take on that responsibility either and he felt that they’re not being safe.

His parents were very shocked to hear this especially since he is still very young and still living on their farm. Brandon’s mother said that she’s not caving about them staying in the same room– at least not at this point.

Because it’s just an accident waiting to happen. She further added that she has to keep encouraging them to do things responsibly. And hopefully, they’ll embrace it. If not, then she can say that she at least tried.

Brandon’s mother continues to harp on the birth control issue. She eventually called a doctor and asked if they can fit Julia in for a consultation. Brandon is in the car when she calls and this just doesn’t seem quite right. Watch this space for the latest 90 Day Fiance news.

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