’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed’s Mom & Daughter Oppose His Engagement To Liz

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90 Day Fiance couple, Big Ed Brown and Liz got engaged, shocking viewers of the show. Now, it appears that some family members aren’t pleased with their engagement.

The season finale of 90 Day: The Single Life revolved around the shocking engagement of Big Ed and Liz. On Friday’s episode of the hit 90 Day Fiance spinoff on Discovery+, the duo finally revealed their engagement, but not everything is flawless.

Ed recently revealed that his dog Teddy died. To support him at the time, Liz wrote him a letter and ended up talking to him all night. Ed had proposed to her just after one dinner date. However, Liz claimed things were different between them this time.

“This time I have faith that him and I will make it,” she told cameras. “My heart’s always been with him. I have faith that he’s changed — the way that he says things, the way that he wants to include me in things, it feels like everything it should have been in the first place.”

Ed, on the other hand, spoke about the six months he was not in contact with Liz. “I was very angry and hurt by you,” Liz told him. “But there was never a day where I didn’t miss you.”

“I didn’t like who I was. But if I wouldn’t have gone to therapy, I wouldn’t have known what an a**hole I was. I was an a**hole to you,” he said.

“For whatever it’s worth, umm, to throw something away that you love so much … that’s what I did. I know I did. And I own that.”

Ed And Liz Reveal They Are Engaged

Both Ed and Liz showed off their engagement ring to the cameras, with Ed saying, “I’m so in love.”

“We talked all night long about what an idiot I was, and how dumb I was. The next day I went and bought a ring and I said, ‘screw it.’ I reach into my safe, and I pull out this ring at 3:15 in the morning and I said, ‘I’m serious about you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.'”

“The ring was worth every penny,” Ed said. “Thirteen thousand and one hundred reasons for Liz not to leave me.”


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“There was no way I was going to let you go,” he said explaining his decision to propose to Liz just one day after getting back together. 

“And she wants to make me happy and I want to make her happy, and we’re excited to begin our life together,” Ed said.

“I don’t know how my friends and family are going to react, but I’ll never love anybody the way that I love Liz. Throughout this whole mission to find love, it was always Liz.”

Ed’s Mom & Daughter Are Against His Engagement To Liz

Much to his chagrin, Ed’s family isn’t supportive of the romance. In a preview of this season’s tell-all (via ET), host Shaun Robinson points out that none of Ed’s family agreed to participate, although his daughter, Tiffany had come in the past.

Tiffany has previously admitted that she was against Ed and Liz’s relationship, adding that Liz is even younger than her. 

“The people that won’t come on are probably my mom and my daughter,” Ed replies. Fellow 90 Day Fiance star Stephanie bluntly replied, “If the closest people in your life are seeing red flags …”

Big Ed, Liz Engagement

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