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Prince Andrew Should Be Probed Like Meghan, Ex Royal Cop Says

An ex-royal officer says that Prince Andrew should be subject to probing over bullying claims, just like Meghan Markle.

According to an ex royal cop, Buckingham Palace should probe Prince Andrew over bullying claims, just like Meghan Markle. Last year, the palace launched a probe over claims the Duchess of Sussex bullied two senior members of the staff when she was still a senior royal.

However, Meghan strongly denies the allegation. This week, the Duke of York was subject to similar allegations when former royal aides opened up about their unpleasant experiences working for him.

Paul Page claims that he complained to palace officials himself on three separate occasions. Page worked in the Royal Protection Command from 1998 until 2004.

Aside from that, he claims that he know of “at least a dozen” other reports made by colleagues, The Mirror reports.

Why Prince Andrew Should Be Probed Like Meghan Markle?

As expected, his revelations triggered a myriad of complaints about the prince, according to the publication. “Buckingham Palace launched a bullying investigation against Meghan last year after she was accused of wrongdoing.

“If it’s a fair organization that looks after its staff, an investigation should be started to confirm whether or not Andrew is guilty of being a bully and of intimidating staff.”

Furthermore, the former royal officer says his complaints against Andrew were ignored. This was during his service because senior courtiers did not want to people to become agitated. Watch this space for the latest Royal Family news.

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