’90 Day Fiance’: Armando Wants A Baby, But Kenneth Isn’t Too Pleased

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Kenneth Niedermeier of 90 Day Fiance is shocked to find out that Armando Rubio wants a baby with him now that they are finally getting married.

Season 3 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier are on the verge of tying the knot. They will be getting married despite opposition from Armando Sr. and the Rubio family.

However, the pair has the government’s permission to get married. While they are still gearing up for their big day, Armando has come up with an exciting idea of having a baby brother or sister for Hannah.

Kenny Reacts To Armando’s Plan

Much to Armando’s chagrin, Kenny isn’t as excited as him as far as having a baby is concerned. Armando shares a daughter, Hannah, with his ex-wife. Regrettably, she died in a car crash shortly after they called it quits. She was pregnant when she died.


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Kenny, on the other hand, has four grown children, including three daughters Taylor, Cassidy, and Madison, and a son Bryson. Aside from that, he has a grandson, Cooper. Kenny is currently in the US to welcome his daughter Cassidy’s baby, Julian.

Since he single-handedly raised a whole as a gay man, Kenny is understandably not excited about becoming a father all over again. A preview clip for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episode 8, shared by E! Armando brings up the topic of having a baby by first mentioning adoption.

Armando’s Idea Leaves Kenny Shocked

The conversation ends up with Kenneth being shocked. Armando revealed that Kenneth does not want to adopt a baby due to his age. However, Armando is bent on having more kids since he is part of a big family himself.


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The duo seems to have discussed adopting a kid close to Hannah’s age. However, Armando wants a baby. “A baby’s a lot, you know. Remember having a baby? The work that goes into a newborn?” Kenny replied.

According to Kenny, it is a bad idea for people approaching their 60’s to have babies. Although Kenny thinks it will happen, he wants them to be logical about having a baby. 

Armando went on to suggest that they should consider having a baby that is Kenny’s “blood.” In other words, he suggested that they adopt a method “like in vitro or something.” His partner appears clearly shocked by this idea.

Moreover, Armando suggests that going for the IVF method will be “more special.” However, he did not mention it first due to Kenny’s age. Armando knew convincing Kenny about IVF will not be easy.

However, he wants to have “a part of Kenny” just like he has Hannah, who has his blood. “To grow our family, I’d love Kenny to donate his sperm and we would have a baby that’s his blood, and I think it’d be beautiful to have something of it,” Armando added.

Nevertheless, Kenny appears to have rejected Armando’s idea. Kenny thinks they should adopt an older child and give them a beautiful home. Despite admitting that they make good parents together, Kenny realizes that the future is still uncertain as they continue to grow older.

Kenny and Armando have rarely argued on 90 Day Fiance. However, it seems that their baby-making plans could create a rift between the fan-favorite couple.

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