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’90 Day Fiance’: Andrei Goes On A Trip With Elizabeth And Her Family; It Didn’t Go Well

90 Day Fiance star Andrei Castravet was driving the Potthast’s to Maryland since they wanted to spend the holidays with their grandparents. But much to their chagrin, the situation got tensed in such a compact space.

Andrei recently joined Potthast’s family business, which involves flipping houses. He says once he lets Chuck Potthast explain how to do the job, he hopes that Chuck will give him $100K as a loan.

This will allow Andrei to start flipping houses on his own. However, some family members including Becky Potthast and Charlie Potthast do not agree with the idea.

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Elizabeth Potthast’s family admitted that they don’t like Andrei during a boat ride. Charlie thinks that Andrei is using Chuck, while Becky believes Andrei is trying to steal her job.

As expected, Elizabeth gets upset after the family slams Andrei, and she starts fighting with her sister on the boat. Despite all the previous drama, Andrei agrees to drive around Elizabeth Potthast and her family.

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Becky Andrei

Chuck suggests that the family rents out an RV so that they can travel together and go to Maryland for the holidays. He believes that a pandemic can’t stop him from taking advantage of this opportunity for his family to bond.

Andrei wants to use this trip to his advantage as well. He wants to have some time alone with Chuck because he is the only one in the family that has a license to drive an RV.

Moreover, he wants to sit with Chuck upfront because he believes talking business will be easy. He wants to convince Chuck not to listen to the rest of the family about not involving him in the family business and let him stay.

Andrei Castravet and his wife Elizabeth start preparing the RV for an over 400-mile road trip. Elizabeth points out that the RV can accommodate 11 people. Charlie Potthast and his wife Megan Potthast decide to fly in a bid to avoid conflict.

All the drinks in the refrigerator come flying out when Andrei makes a sharp turn, leaving cans everywhere. He pulls over to let everyone clean up the mess, but it doesn’t end there.

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At Elizabeth’s sister’s house, Andrei honks the horn and starts to back up into the driveway, but ends up crashing the RV into a keep-off-the-grass sign that is on the lawn. Jen Potthast calls him a moron for not seeing the sign.

They fix the sign and put it back into the spot, but this is a clear indication of how the rest of the trip will go, according to SoapDirt. Andrei gets a chance to talk to Chuck, but their conversation doesn’t go smoothly.

Becky starts yelling, and Andrei pulls over to talk to her privately. The conversation leaves Chuck in tears.

90 day fiance andrei and elizabeth

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