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’90 Day Fiance’: Alina Reveals Why She Thinks Caleb Will Leave Her

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Alina and Caleb finally met in person, but she thinks a secret she is hiding from him could make him leave her. 

90 Day Fiance viewers were shocked to find out that Alina has been keeping a secret from Caleb. Now, the reality TV personality is worried that it could drive him away, ending their relationship.

Alina and Caleb finally met in person after chatting online for more than a decade. However, both have kept details about their prior romances under wraps. The duo met up in Turkey.

Alina wasn’t happy with Caleb not showing romantic interest in her while riding to the hotel. On top of that, he fell asleep shortly after getting to their room.

Alina felt Caleb will friend-zone her. However, much to her relief, Caleb invited her over to his side of the bed for a quick cuddle. They even went to see sights with Alina’s roommate, Elijah.

During dinner, Alina and Elijah tried to get information about Caleb’s previous girlfriends. However, Caleb responded by saying that he always focuses on whoever he is currently dating. 

As expected, Caleb’s answer failed to placate Alina and Elijah, who ended up leaving in a huff. 

Alina Reveals The Secret She Is Hiding From Caleb

In a confessional, Alina admitted that her roommate was actually her ex-boyfriend until very recently. According to a report from In Touch, she is understandably worried that this piece of information could “ruin everything” between her and Caleb.


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Caleb, on the other hand, is concerned about honoring Alina’s independence and supporting her when needed. Alina’s living situation is highly unlikely to make him upset.

Caleb has so far proved to have a pretty chill personality, and he has done nothing that suggests he wants to stop their relationship from progressing.

Much to Alina’s relief, Caleb finally kissed her after returning to their hotel room. Do you think Alina’s secret will ruin her and Caleb’s relationship progress? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. After a 13 year online friendship..what does Alina expect? Much more then Caleb I suppose…What got me is when she was upset that there wasn’t more intimate stuff going on the first night…Helloooooo? He just just flew half way around the world and he was tired….She on the other hand arrived the day before and was rested…

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