Shah Rukh Khan Shown Doors To Vishal and Shekhar - Work 18 hours a day and accept everyone’s criticism: Shah Rukh Khan

Work 18 hours a day and accept everyone’s criticism: Shah Rukh Khan

Work 18 hours a day and accept everyone’s criticism: Shah Rukh KhanHis star trek started with a smooth TV serial titled Fauji more than two decades back and significantly in the wake of turning into the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan continued coming back to the small screen over and over. Yet, it would appear that he has an affinity for testing and amusement shows. In the wake of facilitating Kaun Banega Crorepati, Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain and Zor Ka Jhatka, Shah Rukh Khan is currently outfitting to add an alternate amusement show to his TV collection — Sabse Shaana Kaun, format based on the ‘Who’s Asking?’

At the inauguration of the show on Wednesday night, the performer told hit-list that he had been offered a great deal of TV shows yet the ideas didn’t enthuse him. Yet, this specific amusement show’s configuration propelled him to take it up. “I don’t want to do shows only for money. But I liked this QnA format of Sabse… Since it is a new concept, we have some scope to improvise. And despite a set format, I would like to have personal interaction with the participants to bring a human aspect to the show. I like quizzing. I play treasure hunt with my kids and hurl questions at them on various topics. When I was in Dubai to bring in the New Year, all of us, including my friends, would sit down to play mind trap and other games. More than who is smarter amongst us we were keen to know who will win first,” Shah Rukh Khan said.

He then proceeded onward to discuss the pressure of being under consistent media check. Suggesting the late remarks fulfilled by his ‘Happy New Year’ co-star Deepika Padukone on expressly adapting to gloom, Shah Rukh said he takes life as it comes. “People have their ways of dealing with their emotions, but I don’t have any specific source. Always staying in the limelight is tough. However, what is more difficult is to stay on the path of righteousness while staying on the top. An actress who wears a skimpy dress is severely scrutinized. Sometimes you hear statements like ‘God! He’s looking so haggard, what is he wearing?’ But, that is how I choose to be, why must that bother you? To live through all that can get stressful. But, I work only under stress. I have chosen to work 18 hours a day and accept everyone’s criticism as a part and parcel of this life,” King Khan asserts.

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