I Movie Review – Hindi Version | Chiyaan Vikram & Amy Jackson

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I Movie Trailer | Chiyaan Vikram, Amy Jackson, Upen PatelAi (I): A bodybuilder who unintentionally came in the way of villains and then they maim him. Will he succeed in dealing with his physical handicap and get her love back?

Story: Lingesan (Chiyaan Vikram) becomes Mr. Tamil Nadu and anticipating be Mr. India. Other than this he exists in a fandom (insane fan) of a supermodel Diya (Amy Jackson). In the wake of getting to be Mr. Tamil Nadu he gets neighborhood brands to embrace. However soon supermodel Diya requests him to work with her. How come he get such a big opportunity?

I-Movie-Audio-Launch-Chiyaan-VikramSuper model Diya is experiencing an intense time in industry because of the male supermodel John (Upen Patel) who is a chauvinistic pig. At the point when Diya declines to sleep with him, John debilitates her to boycott her. Anyway Diya outmaneuvers him – Diya becomes a close acquaintance with Lingesan. They both experience passionate feelings for each-other (But in an unique manner). She changes his name from Lingesan to Lee.

In his adventure to popularity and money, Lee makes more than a couple of foes. A bodybuilder at his local gym (while he was becoming Mr. Tamil Nadu), John whose career went on down fall because of Lee’s fame, an egotistic advertising head who got offended with Lee’s principles, also a gay makeup whose love was rejected by Lee. Along with the 5th guy whose identity is suspense, takes revenge with Lee.

I Movie Trailer In Hindi - Chiyaan Vikram and Amy Jackson.They transform him into an unrecognizable revolting being (looking somewhat like Ephialtes from the Hollywood film 300) with the expectation that his life turns into a horrific experience. Be that as it may, don’t lose hope simply yet; our legend likewise plans to settle the score with the individuals who stole his adoration and his looks.

Suspend your mistrust and get into this fairy tale that is told by director Shankar (the creator of shows toppers like Indian, Sivaji-The Boss and Enthiran) on a gaudy canvas. Shot mesmerisingly by PC Sreeram on virgin regions in China and India, with world class CG work, this display meets expectations on the grounds that at the center, its a sentimental thriller told short sightedly.

Advertisements: As the movie revolves around modeling, there are a lot of advertisements you could see in the first half. Though, all those ads are picturize delightfully on-screen.

Locations: Its totally invigorating. Locations utilized as a part of the film are treat to your eyes. Scenes of China and India are shot so well, with world class CG work.

Acting: Ai (I) won’t be Ai without Chiyaan Vikram (Lee). Vikram gives a heart-wrenching performance which bowls you whether he is in his modeling looks or ugly (infected one). Amy jackson looks mesmerising. Santhanam gives the ideal lighthearted element.

Music: A.R. Rahman. (Do I need to write anything else?)

Final Verdict: A must watch movie, “I” is fandom, “I” is revenge, “I” is pain & “I” is love.

Personal Experience: Watched in Hindi (dubbed version). Never seen before houseful in 2nd weak of the movie for any other south Indian movie released in Mumbai. The way Vikram demonstrates his fandom (crazy fan) for the supermodel, I think every fan could related to his feelings. Whether its buying whatever products her favorite endorses or thinking about her 24/7. As we all are ongoing of viewing Bollywood movies which are 2hr 30mins film (approx), this film may feel a little more yet I must say it is much superior to all the Bollywood films releasing nowadays.

I Movie Trailer In Hindi - Chiyaan Vikram and Amy Jackson.

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