Puri Jagannadh’s Disappointment With Media Is FAIR? Find Out! | Drug Controversy

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Puri Jagannadh Speaks About Drug Controversy 1
Everyone knows what’s happening in this so called drugs issues that has shaken the whole TFI (Telugu Film Industry) in this past 3-4 days as there are many small and big celebrities names popped up in it. It’s even know fact that Tollywood’s top director director Puri Jagannadh name in also in that list of celebrities for whom SIT has sent a notice to cooperate for interrogation on the same matter of concern.
This news has shaken everyone because Puri Jagannadh is known for his friendly nature, his moral values and his responsible towards the society even in all those films he makes. It’s his name that pops first in the list of those celeb who has an very friendly relation with media & every people in Telugu state knows the amount of due respect he has for police and journalist which he showcased many a times through his films too which earned the police and journalists a lot of respect. Today Puri Jagannadh has been called by the SIT and was interrogated on this same issue.
Till morning every news channel of Telugu was making so many programs and breaking news bulletins every minute by minute to give the exclusive update of what’s happening to its viewers. After the interrogation Puri Jagannadh didn’t spoke with the media but he took his twitter account to respond on the same.
In this video Puri Jagannadh expressed his view about how the media people tried to expose him in an unpleasant way which not just him nobody expected. From the day 1 of this issue being popped its name of being highlighted by all the media channels. Puri Jagannadh in his video has a point in his hand. Because all these media channels were just trying to give some hot and breaking news for its viewers and wanted to stand top in the news race.
In this race they seemed to be have missed the soul truth of the incident. From the day one even the SIT department din accused Puri Jagannadh on any issue or din declare that he was involved in any of these activities. He was just called in for a regular interrogation by the SIT for which director Puri Jagannadh has cooperated well. But the way this news was projected in all media channels in past 2-3 days is something that missed its track of ethical journalism.
All news channels forgot to focus on finding the truth but were in a race to cook up so many illogical and irresponsible news just for their channels popularity, TRP’s and to give hottest updates to their viewers to keep them hooked to their channels with popcorn in their hand.
If you look at this deeply it very true that the way the media people turn up on his ins really unpleasant and unprofessional too. Because it’s not just about his name or fame it’s about the years of hard work, constant dedication, passion etc with which he became what he is today It’s bad on the media part to be so senseless to cook up such untruthful story bulletins on him just for popularity.
And it’s also so sad to see the most power media who has the responsibility to lead the society by bringing the truth in-front of people has missed its track and ethics by putting themselves down. Media people just missed the soul point of journalism, Law that any allegation on anyone is just an allegation until it’s proven to be true by the court of law or any judiciary system.
It was very bad on media’s part to play & project him as an person who had involved in this drug issue without proper evidence or any official statement made by SIT against him. So there is no wrong in the way Puri Jagannadh has expressed his views & disappointment towards the way news media has behaved with him when he needed them the most.

Watch Puri Jagannadhs Statement Here:


Puri Jagannadh Speaks About Drug Controversy 1

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