Secret Superstar Review - Aamir Khan Strikes Again!

Secret Superstar Review – Aamir Khan Strikes Again!

Secret Superstar Review - Aamir Khan Strikes Again!Story: Insia Malik (Zaira) is a 15 year old talent singer who writes her own songs at tender age from Baroda, whose soul is tore since her mom is in a vexed and fierce marriage. Obviously despite everything she sets out to seek after her dream of turning into a singer and she additionally valiantly endeavors to free her mom from her preservationist, icy father.

Secret Superstar Review: Aamir Khan Strikes again by backing this emotionally charged film Secret Superstar. Aamir Khan who plays an arrogant music director, Shakti Kumaarr, in this trip, doesn’t give you a chance to get disappointed by his performance. Debutant chief Advait Chandan, who educated under Aamir gives you a straightforward sincere film yet one in which you run the whole range of feelings — satisfaction, tears, energy and vivacity.

If someone says after knowing the movie plot, “nothing is new here”. Then regardless of whether it is batting for the young lady tyke or liberating a battered housewife from the shackles of a cold marriage, the current material has been addressed before. However, what influences Secret Superstar to emerge is the gutsy story that keeps you established and speculating. You can feel the disappointment of the Malik family unit in which not simply individuals, even feelings are caught. At the point when the hero breaks free, you get yourself all the while wiping your tears and doing a triumph lap.

Aamir Khan is stealing the hearts whenever he appears on screen. His character — a cross between the reckless American Idol judge Simon Cowell and your vulgar Bollywood music executives from the 80-90s — seems like an exaggeration toward the begin. However, you put resources into him in the long run in view of the subtleties he brings. It is additionally estimable that he never truly endeavors to take the spotlight from youthful Zaira, who is an outright joy to watch. Najma (Meher) as the meek spouse says such a great amount without spelling it out. Also, others like — Chintan (Tirth Sharma) and tyke performer Guddu (Kabir) are charming.

In the event that your world spins around your mom, you will pull for this film. For more reviews and updates keep watching this witty scoop.



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