‘Wednesday’ Star Percy Hynes White Under Fire Following Sexual Assault Allegations

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Canadian actor Percy Hynes White, who is popularly known for playing love interest in Netflix comedy horror series “Wednesday,” came under fire following a slew of women came forward with sexual assault allegations.

A Twitter user shared a thread, revealing her experience with White, 21 alongside a series of screenshots of his DMs.

“Knowing that me and my friend’s shocked, sick to our stomach reactions to seeing Percy Hynes White in our new favorite show is finally and my experience at his party in high school being justified cus yall are LISTENINGGGG,” she tweeted. “Thank you.”

The Twitter user also shared screenshot of DMs and captioned, “Here’s what i sent!! just so everyone can hopefully see.”

Since the allegation, many more women came forward and claimed that the actor did “disgusting” things to not only her but also other women.


Another women claimed that the actor let her get “raped in his basement.”

“It hurts to see this man in the public eye and admired by hundreds of thousands of young girls,” the Twitter user claimed. “He let me get raped in his basement, and when he called me about it he was most worried about the police and not if I was okay. Then he continued to let a rapist live at his mothers.”

After the allegations, the actor limited replies on his Instagram handle and deactivated his Twitter handle. One of the Twitter users shared the screenshot of the same, noting that “he’s very guilty.”

Many users reacted on social media with disgust. “Every single new evidence against percy hynes white is a different shock like i need this man away from society fr,” one of the users wrote.

Many more tweeted on the same lines while a video of the actor surfaced on social media, where he is keeping hand on Jenna Ortega’s shoulder.

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'Wednesday' Star Percy Hynes White Under Fire Following Sexual Assault Allegations

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