‘Valorant’ Glitch Alert! Lets Players Clip Through A Window

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Players on Valorant have detected a new flaw that lets them clip through windows with ease on Ascent. This allows players to get through without making any noise.

This causes concern as sound plays a major role in the game discovering the enemy and this trick beats that disadvantage as the glass does not break alerting others.

Usually, sound assists players in tracking enemy movement that helps in laying out the game plan. A Window on Ascent is an easy signal for sensing enemy movement since gamers have to break the glass before going through.

So you can actually clip through the window on Ascent… from VALORANT

A player shared a brief video that shows how to pull this off. The agent has to stand in the right corner of the window and target over a light in A Garden followed by a forward-and-right crouch without moving the mouse. With enough practice, players will be able to clip through the window without shattering. 

This quirk was also confirmed by Dot Esports. By subsequent attempts, imitation of this trick seems possible without effort. Another player proved successful in recreating the flaw

A Valorant Fix From Riot Games

Although this helps, players cannot apply this trick in the opposite direction, which is great news for players defending A Heaven. It is fair to assume that Riot Games will probably rectify this random glitch in its update.

Besides, this action of phasing through A Window equips the player with an edge. Players may move into A Garden without alarming enemies and claim the site or make a swift rebound to mid with zero attention drawn to any hidden rivals.

Moreover, glitches are common in computer games. They serve gamers with the ability to swerve across the game map, story, levels, and more.

Even though these glitches are fun to play with, at times they prove to be a hiccup for true gamers as they distract teams from focusing on the main agenda.

In fact, they might prove fatal for the company’s brand. What happened at CD Projekt Red with Cyberpunk 2077 glitches will be remembered as a case study in game development for ages, for instance.

Sometimes these flaws give space for correcting errors and improving the game. It is a chance for developers to fix it and gain the gamer’s trust.

But for gamers, it is always fun to recognize different glitches that add to the gamer’s excitement. Watch out for this zone for more updates.


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