Top 10 ‘Better Call Saul’ Ending Theories; According To Fans

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Fans on Reddit couldn’t stop discussing how the “Better Call Saul” season 6 will end and here are those top 10 theories that we also find “might be true.”

#1 Bittersweet Ending

Personally I think he’s gonna turn himself in, maybe run into Kim and get a bittersweet ending, maybe his sentence isn’t as bad(I’d say that’s unlikely though since he has $5,000,000 bounty on his head as seen by the promo, but with Kim’s help.

Kim vows to see him on the other side, when Jimmy shows up in prison I can imagine him being maybe afraid at first, but then using his lawyer skills he becomes slipping Jimmy again and starts pulling cons in prison to survive till he gets to see Kim again. Thoughts?

#2 Sacrifice

Saul Goodman Better Call Saul

Saul is going to hurt his own life to help Kim. This has been an ongoing theme of the show. I think he might turn himself in but only in a way that’ll be good for Kim.

If there’s a way that he can turn himself in in order for Kim to have a lighter sentence for her crimes, he’ll take it. I’m not sure how that could work out legally.

But I imagine Kim will try to stop him (“I save me”). Kim has been trying to get into Jimmy’s business and Jimmy always try’s to protect her. He even lies to her to protect her and it causes arguments.

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So maybe that’s the situation that happens in the current time, but if Kim is still alive during Genes timeline, Gene will be the one to try to save her. For whatever reason they’re separated. I wonder if Kim goes to jail around 2005, which would explain why she’s not seen in BB, and then gets out while Gene is on the run.

I think it’ll be bittersweet because Jimmy manages to save Kim. Bob talked about how the ending is bittersweet and is sort of what Jimmy always wanted. I can’t think of a better bittersweet ending, that builds on the themes, than him sacrificing himself somehow for Kim.

Maybe Jimmy let’s Kim tell the police where he is so she can get the reward money.

In the process of saving Kim, Jimmy is going to cause a lot of chaos. Remember that the whole 1216 situation was to help Kim, and it lead Chuck to burn his house down and Howard to lose a lot in reputation and wealth. More things will topple due to Jimmy saving Kim.

#3 Happy Ending

Saul, Kim, and their children celebrating Christmas. There’s a knock at the door. Saul walks over, opens it up, and all we see is his expression of absolute shock. Ends

#4 Kim Will Die

She will die protecting Saul.

#5 Gus And Mike

It’s not gonna go down the way you think. I’ve been wondering how individuals such as Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould could bring their own twist to the “prequel series”. What’s the most unexpected thing that we would never see coming? That Gus dies. Or Mike dies. Or anything, really, that defies our preconceptions of what can happen having seen the events of Breaking Bad.

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I think it is possible that the ending breaks free of the linear narrative that we except, showing us a reality in which Jimmy has taken different decisions and never meets Walt. It’s a very vague theory, but I think creative forces Vince and Peter could implement this idea into something spectacular.

#6 Jimmy Meet Walt

I want the Walt cameo to simply be Jimmy taking his car to get washed while talking on the phone, and Brian Cranston in the background drying his car with a towel. He hands the keys back to Jimmy and just says…”Have a nice day!”

#7 Jimmy And Howard

Kim will do something completely horrible to Howard, and Saul will be the one to get Howard out of it. Howard and Saul will make up, with Howard giving Saul one of his shirts as a thank-you (which is why Saul wears collar pins in Breaking Bad – to remember Howard’s friendship).

Contrary to what everyone else is saying, Nacho and Lalo will survive almost until the end. The series will go into the Breaking Bad timeline, with Nacho and Lalo dying at some point after Saul has already met Walt and Jesse.

#8 Howard Dies

Howard investigates Jimmy, brushes up against the cartel, gets killed. Kim and Jimmy get the Sandpiper money and go their separate ways. Jimmy uses the Sandpiper money to buy his own office.

Nacho’s dad is killed by Lalo. Nacho escapes with Mike’s help, they both kill Lalo together. Mike tells Gus Nacho is dead, allowing Nacho to go free. (Theory has been proven wrong in Better Call Saul’s released episodes, so far).

#9 Kim And Jesse

'Better Call Saul' Season 6: Parallel Characters In 'Breaking Bad' And It's Prequel

So in our season opener, Kim breaks down a case that she’s working on about the kid who was driving his rich friend’s car when his friend rob a liquor store. We know that Jesse Pinkman came from a wealthy family. Could Jesse be the rich friend on the other side of this who got to hire the expensive lawyer?

#10 Breaking Bad Begins Where Better Call Saul Ends

We all loved Walter White & Jesse Pinkman and many fans wonder how if & when they will be introduced in the show, well I believe I know the route the writers will take with the show. Some us also wonder what kind of conflicts will Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman get into with the Cartel, my theory also touches on that:

(Warning: This may contain spoilers for Breaking Bad & Season one of Better Call Saul)


Nacho continues to do deals behind the cartels back & his boss Tuco. Tuco suspect something may be up, but due to a dispute with him kililng a mexican national he ends up going to prison. The Cartel sends Edwardo “Lalo” as his replacement, Nacho forces Jimmy McGill into working with him.

Eventually the Cartel are getting close to figuring out Nacho is working against them, and Jimmy (Who is now Saul Goodman) can feel the heat coming from the cartel.

So he’s minding his own business one day leaving his office when he’s ambushed and kidnapped, and drove out to the desert, Saul fearing for his life begs for mercy & rats out Nacho to the masked men holding him at gun point, except we find out it’s actually… Walt & Jesse, then cue Black screen, it’s a cliffhanger ending.

Now this theory is not pulled out of thin air I have a lot of hard evidence to suggest it might be true.


Tuco was imprisoned in 2003 which is one year after BCS is set in, which is 2002. The actor who played Tuco has said he isn’t interested in being a regular on the show, but he is an important character being that he’s Nacho’s Boss, so the writers will need to find another way to take him out of the story.

In the episode Saul was first introduced in Breaking Bad, he was kidnapped by Walt & Jesse wearing ski masks, Saul freaking out told them “No no soy seimpre amigo of de Cartel, it was Ignacio who did it” to which Jesse replies “who” then Saul says “Wait Lalo didn’t send you, that’s a relief” I’m paraphrasing but that’s pretty much what he said, also Ignacio is the antagonist Nacho’s real name btw. So what do you guys think? Will it come true, or what?

Let us know your thoughts about “Better Call Saul” in the comments section below. For more updates on the show, keep watching this space.

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