‘Better Call Saul’ Star Michael Mando Explains Nacho’s Connection With Mike

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Michael Mando, who played Ignacio “Nacho” Varga in the popular series “Better Call Saul,” explained his character’s connection with Mike Ehrmentraut (played by Jonathan Banks).

“There’s a profound connection between Mike and Nacho that is sort of unspoken,” Mando told THR last week. “In many ways, they are cut from the same cloth, and Nacho looks at Mike as a mirror of his own father in the cartel world. There’s this unspoken virtue between them and honor among thieves.”

“They respect innocent lives, which the Salamancas don’t. They honor their word, which the Salamancas don’t,” he added. “And Gus doesn’t either. So there’s definitely a profound, subtextual connection between the two, and maybe in the subconscious of it all, there’s a feeling that there’s a situation between Mike and Nacho.”

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“When Mike sent Tuco [Raymond Cruz] to jail, Nacho had a profound sadness to see Mike being beaten up like that,” concluded. “He really cared for him and asked him, ‘Why are you punishing yourself for people who would kill and have killed innocent people without even thinking about it?'”

Better Call Saul has been rated 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and the first two episodes of the finale season are out, streaming on Netflix. For more updates on “Better Call Saul,” keep watching this space and you can also join our dedicated group on Facebook.

'Better Call Saul' Star Michael Mando Explains Nacho's Connection With Mike

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