The Tragic Life of Charlize Theron

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The Tragic Life of Charlize Theron

You may not know it but Charlize Theron has led quite a tragic life. Today we’re exploring the tragic life of the South African and American actor and producer. Theron is one of the most popular and most acclaimed actresses of our time having been nominated for 6 SAG Awards, 1 Emmy, 6 Golden Globes, 3 BAFTAs, and 2 Academy Awards winning.

Charlize was born in South Africa on August 7th, 1975 and she was seemingly doomed from the very beginning. She is known for being an absolute stunner but the actress claims that she was quite odd-looking as a child she had jaundice at a very young age and was put on numerous antibiotics to treat the unnatural pigmentation.

However, these antibiotics caused her baby teeth to literally rot out of her mouth and she didn’t grow teeth until she was 11 years old. She told that “was tough you know being in school having photos taken while I was pretending I had teeth it was hideous”. She also had trouble fitting in at putt Fontan primary school and Charlize’s quickly found herself a bit of an outsider no fine stands for freaked out insecure neurotic and emotional but loneliness and a lack of teeth were the least of young Charlize’s problems.

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Charlize Theron’s father was an abusive alcoholic and Charlize’s lived in constant fear of him my father was an alcoholic all my life my father was so drunk that he shouldn’t have been able to walk when he came into the house with a gun Charlize’s told Howard Stern that she was deeply affected.

Living in the house with an alcoholic and waking up not knowing what was going to happen and not knowing how my day was going to go and all of it dependent on somebody else and whether he was not going to drink or drink. She also claims to have been embarrassed about having an unpredictable alcoholic father his wild and unpredictable nature affected Charlize Theron so deeply and indelibly that she sought therapy in her late 20s in an attempt to heal old wounds and find inner peace.

Charlize’s volatility exploded on the fateful night of June 21st, 1991 Charlize Theron had been out drinking with his brother and when he returned he began firing his gun into various objects on the property Charlize’s and her mother Gerda hid Charlize’s bedroom when the drunken Charlize made his way inside.

Charlize and Gerda stood against the door to prevent Charlize from getting in he attempted to force his way inside and when that didn’t work he stood back and fired three rounds into the door none of the bullets made contact and Gerda made the decision to protect her daughter.

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She turned fired back and killed her husband we can’t even imagine having to make that kind of decision and Charlize’s remains proud of her mother. She also claims that quote if my daughter was in the same situation I would do the same thing how did it go how could you kill Roy in my house in my bed with me sleeping next.

As court officials decided that she acted in self-defense she saved your life when you were 2 years old. You fell into a swimming pool I think and she dived in fully clothed yeah and pulled you out and she saved your life again when you were she saved my life many other times too. Charlize’s life suddenly opened up without Charlize’s overbearing presence and she and her mother moved to Milan, Italy to pursue a fortuitous modeling contract.

I picked out the dress aren’t I smart brilliant but Charlize Theron saw modeling as a stepping stone to bigger things and that thing was dancing Charlize had been dancing since she was four years old and she told the New York Times, “even though I was modeling I always thought of myself as a dancer she subsequently moved to New York to attend the Joffrey Ballet School a prestigious”.

Dance Company now based in Chicago unfortunately Charlize Theron suffered a debilitating knee injury and was prevented from dancing in a professional capacity as her lifelong dream came to a surprising and very permanent end Charley’s found herself entering a major bout of depression.

However, Greda wasn’t having any event and she essentially told trolleys to come home and sulk or suck it up and carry on. Greda encouraged Charlize to pursue the other passion movies she bought her daughter a one-way plane to get to Hollywood and Charlize’s found instant acclaim and success as an actress (Nah just kidding).

She was dirt broke and basically had to relearn the English language. Charlize took acting lessons when she arrived in Hollywood but she was constantly told that her South African accent was a major problem and a huge roadblock in obtaining movie roles good thing about Afrikaans is like three percent of the world’s population speaks Afrikaans.

Yes, give a pretty good shot absolutely nobody is going to understand you yeah she told the New York Times, “I had to fundamentally relearn English like an American while we learning the English language”. Charlize’s is being supported by her mother and living in poverty in one particular instance Charlize’s entered into a vicious shouting match with a bank teller after they refused to cash her mother’s cheque.

Steve can’t you call it no in Charlize’s his own words, “it was my survival skills kicking in I had to stand up and say if I leave this Bank without this check cashed. I’m not going to have a place to sleep tonight”.

Luckily this little obstacle proved highly fortuitous for the young and struggling actress well you want you to know this the gold whatever helps you sleep at night sweetheart behind her in line was a talent manager named John Crosby and he was so enamored by Charlize his passion and animation that he handed her his business card.

He subsequently introduced her to some casting agents and she finally landed her first speaking role in a crime film called two days in the valley, unfortunately, Charlize as glamorous looks nearly killed her career following two days in the valley Charlize was constantly offered mindless sexy woman roles but she turned them down out of principle.

She finally realized that she could be taken seriously once Tom Hanks cast her in his 1996 musical comedy that thing you do like many of us Charlize admired Tom Hanks growing up and being offered a role by her idol served as a major confidence boost. The movie was widely acclaimed and Charlize suddenly found herself starring in movies like The Devil’s Advocate, Mighty Joe Young, and The Cider House Rules.

International recognition finally came in 2003 as she starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in the Italian Job and landed her career-defining role as Aileen Wuornos in Monster. The acclaimed and now wildly popular actress she revealed on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O that she suffers from OCD.

She suffered a herniated disc in her neck while filming Aeon Flux in Berlin which forced her to wear a neck brace for a month. In the late 2000s, her mother’s motive for killing her husband was brought into question by true crime writer Chris Carsten in his book killer women fatal South African females Carson’s insinuations.

Not only anger Charlize but she also felt betrayed by her aunt Elsa melon who cast doubt on Gorde and defended her brother calling him, “a benign and mild-mannered man and she went through a horrible time while adopting her first child when I was in relationships I was always very honest with the people that my partners that adoption had to be part of it’s just it was something that I just always felt like was what how my family would look one day,” she told L.

“I struggled mentally through the adoption process. Some of the lowest points in my life were dealing with the first time I filed it really took an emotional toll despite finally finding success and adopting a child named Jackson in 2012.”

Things weren’t all rosy for Charlize Theron as she and Sean Penn called off their engagement in 2015. Just a few months later, she adopted a child named August and I think like every parent in the world I want my kids to be safe, yeah and I worry about their safety every day. Despite all this, it seems as if Charlize has finally found peace her career is still going amazingly well as she received two back-to-back Golden Globe nominations for her work in Tony and Bombshell.

“We don’t it’s you know we don’t get to cherry-pick this for people. I want all women to be safe and so that was really ultimately what the story was about she remains close with her mother and actually co-parents her children with her”, telling L. “I would feel pretty alone if I didn’t have a partner in crime in all of this she also loves being in her 40s saying, “I have never loved an age more than my 40s, 40 to me feels like Goldilocks we can certainly understand why she feels that way throughout her life.

She has faced an abusive father witnessed, her mother kill her father in self-defense, had her childhood dream crushed by a debilitating injury faced poverty, and typecasting had to relearn how to speak and struggled through a painful and mentally grueling adoption process. We’re happy to report that her life now though appears just right.

For more such content, keep watching this space.

Charlize Theron

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