Suga Agust D 2

Suga’s Agust D 2 First Look Unveiled: The Singer Seems To Have Drawn Inspiration From Tony Montana in ‘Scarface’

Suga’s ‘army’ believes the rapper and member of the popular K-pop band BTS has paid a tribute to Scarface protagonist Tony Montana in Agust D 2.

The K-Pop band BTS has made its return to headlines. One of the band’s most popular members, Suga has unveiled a brand new poster of his hotly-anticipated album entitled, Agust D 2. The singer’s second mixtape is slated to make its debut four years after Agust D, which was released on Aug. 15, 2016 by Big Hit Entertainment on SoundCloud.

Suga Agust D 2

Much to the delight of Suga’s mammoth fanbase, Apple Music replaced the artwork of the original album with a newer version that features the singer, sporting a new look. As expected, fans began to hazard all sorts of guesses regarding the long-awaited album.

The music profile shows Suga with his hands tied with a rope while he is looking straight into the lenses. The eagle-eyed BTS ARMY immediately noticed a scar near the singer’s eyes and compared him with Tony Montana in Scarface. While fans continue to go berserk over the upcoming album, Suga has kept details about the new album under wraps and has not made an official announcement yet.

After Agust D, this will Suga’s first full-fledged solo album. The original album focused on the singer’s mental health, personal struggles, and hardships. BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment has been hinting at an imminent arrival of Suga’s new album for quite some time now.

The countdown for the Agust D 2 release kicked off as soon as Suga’s new poster was revealed almost a week ago. The Twitterverse is teeming with #Agust2DIsComing at the moment with K-Pop fans using the social media platform to express their excitement.

Stay tuned in here for more news and updates about Suga’s upcoming album Agust D 2.

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