‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Reveals How She’d Feel If Meri Leaves Kody

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown says she will be devastated but not be surprised if Meri Brown decides to leave their husband Kody.

Robyn Brown has a lot of admiration for her sister wife Meri Brown, who isn’t willing to leave her husband despite not having a good relationship with him.

“What I love about what you’re doing is you’re not just making it about what’s going on between you and him,” Robyn tells Meri in an upcoming episode of Sister Wives.

“You’re making it about everybody else too,” she adds. “As much as I would be devastated, I wouldn’t blame Meri if she got tired of hanging on and decided to give up,” Kody’s fourth wife, tells the cameras.

The 51-year-old reality TV star did not leave the unconventional family even after the 2015 catfishing scandal. Robyn, who joined the plural family in 2010, hasn’t always been on good terms with her sister wives.

Sister Wives: Is Kody’s Love For Robyn The Reason Behind His Other Wives Leaving Him?

In fact, Christine attributes her and Kody’s split to the patriarch’s love for his fourth wife, according to a report by OK! Kody is currently spiritually married to Meri, and Janelle, and legally married to Robyn.

Christine announced in November 2021 that after over 25 years of marriage, she was leaving Kody. Robyn and Meri can be seen discussing Christine’s decision to call it quits.

“Jealousy I think is a fact of life,” Meri admitted. “Something that I learned in more recent years is that jealousy is not a bad thing. It’s just an emotion. You just work through the emotions.”

“Kody used to say to me all the time, ‘Why do you have these emotions? When you know that it’s right that they’re in the family. Why do you feel like this?'” she said. “Because I’m human!”

Robyn points out that Kody would be a “nutcase” if he had to share any of his wives with another man.

“He doesn’t like that,” Meri replies. However, Kody claims he would be fine if the roles were reversed. “Whenever it comes to guys in his wives’ lives … he gets funny,” Robyn points out.

In the sneak peek, Kody says: “Yes, if I didn’t manage it right, I could be a nutcase if the roles were reversed in plural marriage and I had a plural husband.”

Would you be surprised if Meri decides to leave Kody? Share your thoughts in the comments below and watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives.

Sister Wives Robyn and Kody

1 thought on “‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Reveals How She’d Feel If Meri Leaves Kody”

  1. She really isn’t with him. She lives in her house alone. if he was really with her, he could ask her to let Truly have a bedroom when she is town so he could be with her. It is for the show only. If she were really there for the family, then she would be showing photos of her with the other wives and children. Since Kody doesn’t like her anymore the rest of them have been standoffish. And since he makes no bones about how he feels, how can she possibly think that they are together. she is more like a stalker.

    He just says there is no room at Robyn’s house so therefore he has no where to let her stay. what about the plural family dynamics. Can’t one of Robyn’s kids let her stay in their bedroom for a few days once in a while.

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