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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Talks About Being In The Closet, Sparks Gay Rumors

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has previously put rumors surrounding her marriage and personal life to rest. However, she laughed off new rumors.

The word on the street is that Meri is attracted to women. After staying mum on this speculation for a long time, she has finally dealt with this rumor.

Notably, Meri and Kody have one biological child together, Mariah Brown. Now, Mariah is engaged to a trans person, Audrey Kriss. Audrey came out as trans in 2021, specifying the pronouns they/them.

Audrey was worried about getting hate when coming out as trans. However, they didn’t “want to hide” who they were anymore.

Some Sister Wives members including their future mother-in-law, Meri Brown showed support. It is no secret that Meri’s an ally of the community.

Now, Meri is laughing off rumors about her preferences. To recap, Mariah came out to the family a year ago. She was even catfished by a gay woman.

Sister Wives: Meri Addresses Gay Rumors

Amid the catfish scandal, Meri claimed she thought she was “dating” a man. ” However, rumors about her preferences didn’t seem to bother her.

During a recent Friday with Friends podcast, Meri’s sexuality was discussed again. However, Meri raised the subject and even went on to crack a joke, as per a SoapDirt report.

The word on the street is that her best pal and FwF cohost, Jenn Sullivan are a couple. However, this might be news to some Sister Wives fans.

Towards the beginning of the podcast episode, Jenn teased Meri about her initial necklace. She was broadcasting from her home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Jenn is seen with hangers behind her.

Sister Wives Meri Brown and Jenn

A few minutes into the podcast, Meri revealed that Jenn sells LuLaRoe like herself. Further, during the broadcast, Jenn Sullivan said “sometimes I’m in the closet”, sending Meri into a cascade of giggles.

Someone commented, “don’t be in the closet.” Meri said, “you know what people are going to say about us, Jenn”. They both started laughing.

Meri and Jenn issued the same statement, stating, “It’s fine”. Many of Meri’s fans to see her in a relationship with anyone aside from Kody.

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