‘Sister Wives’: Kody Explains Why He Feels Christine Betrayed Him

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Kody Brown accuses his estranged wife, Christine of betraying him by giving up on the marriage in the new Sister Wives trailer.

Kody and Christine Brown called it quits after nearly 30 years of marriage. They announced their divorce via an Instagram post a year ago.

However, Sister Wives fans are getting to watch the divorce in the latest season of Sister Wives as a result of a huge time difference between the show and real life.

Kody Brown Says Christine “Betrayed Him”

Christine and her kids haven’t shied away from opening up about the Brown family’s relationship dynamics after the divorce. However, Kody was mum on his split from Christine for a long time.

Kody finally speaks about Christine’s split in the Sister Wives trailer. He feels Christine betrayed him by dumping him. Kody reveals that Christine has been discussing her plan to leave him for several years with other Sister Wives.

According to Kody, Christine did not realize that he will eventually get to know about the threats she made behind him, as per a report by The Overtimer.

Moreover, Kody said he wasn’t comfortable getting intimate with her after getting to know her plans to give up on the marriage. Also, he claims that he spared no effort to make his plural marriage work and retain his union with Christine.

Furthermore, Kody feels Christine should’ve let him know how she was feeling in the relationship so they could sort things out. He feels betrayed because she didn’t tell him how she felt.

Kody goes on to admit that he stopped loving Christine after finding out that she was prepping to leave him. So, his cold attitude towards Christine was a reaction to her decision to leave him.

Meanwhile, Christine is enjoying her freedom after the split. She is spending more time with her kids and is open to love. However, she isn’t willing to explore polygamy this time around.

Do you think Christine betrayed Kody by hiding how she was feeling? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Watch this space for the latest updates on Siter Wives!

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