‘Sister Wives’: Christine Says Mykelti & Maddie Are Better Moms Than She Was At Their Age

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown thinks her daughters Mykelti and Maddie Brown are better moms than she was.

Christine Brown recently told PEOPLE that “being a grandma is the best.” She went on to add that loves watching her own kids become parents.

The 50-year-old reality TV star is currently a grandma to three grandchildren, and there are three more on the way. Her daughter Mykelti Brown Padron shares a 16-month-old daughter Avalon Asa with her husband Antonio “Tony” Padron.

The couple is expecting twin sons in early December. Kody Brown and Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb Brush share daughter Evangalynn Kodi, 2, and son Axel James, 5.

Last month, Maddie announced that she was expecting another baby in February. 

Sister Wives: Christine Loves Watching Her Kids Become Parents

“Being a grandma is the best. I get to watch my kids become parents, and Mykelti and Maddie are better moms than I was at their age. Way better,” says Christine. “They’re so chill and easy and [set] appropriate expectations for the kids.”

“I’m their Oma. So, I’ll just be an Oma for all of the grandkids, and I love it,” she continues. “I just got to spend a lot of time with Axle and Evie, and oh my gosh, they’re lovely. Avalon, she just lights up a room. She’s so cute. I love it. It’s wonderful.”

“I’m excited for all three of my kids to be so close together in age,” Mykelti told PEOPLE. “They’ll always have a friend to play with. And Tony and I will be very outnumbered sooner than we realize, it should be a fun adventure.”

“I’m extremely excited for the twins to come,” Mykelti told PEOPLE while confirming the pregnancy news. “Nervous as well especially for the first 18 months of their lives, but it will be a wonderful adventure.”


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“I’m excited about having double the trouble and double the fun,” Tony said. “I’m so excited, they’re going to be such great parents,” said Christine. “I know they’re a bit overwhelmed because it’s twins, it’s a lot of work but I live close, Aspyn lives close.”

“She’s got such an amazing support system, we’re all so excited,” she continued. “They’ve been incredible parents with Avalon and now we get to see them be parents again!”

Do you think Mykelti and Maddie are better moms than Christine? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives.

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