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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Draws Flak From Fans Over A Resurfaced Clip

Sister Wives fans are accusing Kody Brown of being a “man-baby” after a clip showing his angry outburst surfaces online.

Loyal viewers of Sister Wives are criticizing Kody Brown for being a “gigantic man-baby” after a clip showing him throwing tantrums resurfaces online. Moreover, the reality TV star has been subject to a lot of backlash after the reunion special.

In the video, Kody’s wives claim they do not want to ride with him in the car. A Reddit user shared the clip ripping into the Brown family patriarch, as per a report from The Sun.

“I’m going by myself. …” he complains. “I’m in this car by myself,” Kody says in the clip. “I’m actually fun to ride with. I don’t know why nobody wants to come with me,” he continues.

SW fans took to Reddit to slam the Sister Wives star. 

Sister Wives Fans Slam Kody Brown

“You would think he would relish a few minutes alone for some self-reflection…oh wait, never mind. I forgot he doesn’t do that,” one commenter wrote.

Another noted, “When Christine laughs and rolls her eyes… I wonder how long ago she started getting over his bs.”

“”On the one hand, if I had 4 wives and 18 kids I’d be happy for any alone time I got,” a third commenter wrote.

“On the other hand I suppose the only people who would have 4 wives and 18 kids are people who need a bunch of sidekicks around 24-7 and hate to be alone.”

Another wrote, “He doesn’t like rejection and he’s moody.”

Fans Deem The Old Clip Cringe-Worthy

A scene from a 2020 episode of Sister Wives showing Meri and Kody celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary started making the rounds online recently.

The duo’s picnic celebration was also the first date they had been on in a year. Meri gave Kody 30 Rice Krispies Treats to mark the milestone. 

“I think we miss the idea of us. We don’t miss each other,” Kody says in the clip.

Meri fires back saying, “Speak for yourself.”

“I do have a strong draw to you, but I do not act on that because I know how you feel. She adds, “I can’t make you care for me. I can’t change that.”

“So if I were to lean over and just kiss you right now would you push me away?” she asked.

Photos of their awkward date were shared on Reddit with the title, “Meri & Kody’s 30th cringey & sad anniversary date was uncomfortable to watch.”

“That was sooooo cringey! What would ya do if I kissed ya?” one commenter wrote.

“I totally read that in her voice,” another user added.

“Cringey and sad, but I feel like that is the most intimate (in a non-sexual way), honest conversation he’s had in a long time,” a third remarked.

For those who are unaware, Meri has been distancing herself from Kody after Christine left the polygamist late last year.

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