Sister Wives Kody & Robyn Sleepover

‘Sister Wives’: An Adorable Guest Visits Kody & Robyn’s Home For Sleepover [Photos]

Sister Wives stars Robyn and Kody Brown hosted a sleepover last weekend, and photos of the air mattress reveal some key details.

Few family members made their appearance at last weekend’s sleepover, which was hosted by Kody Brown and Robyn Brown. Now, photos of them laying on an air mattress from the sleepover have surfaced online, revealing some vital pieces of information about the Brown family.

Robyn Brown & Kody Brown Host A Sleepover

The photos from last weekend’s sleepover show that the family members are not taking sides in the Kody and Christine Brown divorce. Also, it is worth mentioning here that Christine would not want them to take sides either.

Christine just wants everyone to love and respect each other. So, it is barely surprising to see her daughter Mykelti Brown Padron doing what her mom wants.

Mykelti is keeping a relationship with her dad, and his alleged favorite wife, Robyn. Aside from that, the photos show Ariella Brown and Solomon Brown on the air mattress.


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For those who are unaware, Ariella and Solomon are Robyn’s youngest children with Kody. However, there’s another little person along with Robyn’s kids – Avalon Brown.

Avalon Padron Visits Kody And Robyn’s Home

Avalon is the daughter of Mykelti and Tony Padron, Moreover, she will be turning 1-year-old next month.

Also, Kody’s son is her uncle, Solomon. Likewise, Ariella is her aunt. Now, let’s check out the location where this sleepover took place.

Considering that Tony and Mykelti live near Christine in Utah, it appears that Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn drove to Utah to visit them. However, the hawk-eyed folks at SoapDirt spotted that the location says Flagstaff.

In other words, Mykelti took her little family to Kody’s home, which he shares with Robyn. To recall, Paedon had admitted that he is not close to close to his dad, unlike some of his siblings.

However, these photos prove that the other sibling is still close with their dad, Kody. Watch this space for the latest reality TV news!

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