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‘Sister Wives’: Gwen Roasts Kody Brown With Christine’s Search Results [Photo]

Gwendlyn Brown, who has made rare appearances on Sister Wives, is trolling her dad Kody Brown on social media.

Gwendlyn hasn’t been posting regularly on her main social media platforms lately. However, stays in touch with her followers by sharing updates in her Instagram Stories.

Gwen Trolls Her Dad, Kody Brown

Fans of the TLC show recently learned that Gwen doesn’t shy away from trolling her dad on social media. For those who are unaware, searching the name of Kody Brown on Google shows the result that describes him as Christine’s ex-husband.

However, if you search for Christine’s name, the Google result shows her as an author. Gwen posted a screenshot of her dad. 

“I’m dead–s when I tell you this is what shows up when you Google my father,” she captioned the screenshot. 

Gwendlyn Is the Daughter Of Kody & Christine Brown

She recently engaged in banter with Sister Wives fans, and lightly trolled her dad, Kody Brown. Gwendlyn is usually confused with Janelle’s children. However, she is the daughter of Kody and Christine.

Not too long ago, Gwen announced that she is bisexual. She uses her social media account to share stories about social justice and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Recently, she injured her knee while on her way to a chemistry exam at college, riding on her bike. While some fans told her that they hope she gets well soon, others wished she would make more appearances on the show.

A lot of scenes from the Season 16 Tell-All revolve around Gwen’s mom leaving the Sister Wives patriarch after he withheld intimacy. Many fans support Christine’s decision to leave.

While the kids are still mum on the split, this week Gwen joined fans all over the world in searching her dad’s name on Google.

The Google search hilariously turns up the description of Gwen’s dad as “Christine Brown’s ex-husband.” Gwen also got a giggle from it.

Will Gwendlyn Make Another Appearance on Sister Wives?

The word on the street is that Gwendlyn Brown has started studying at college. However, it is still unclear where she lives. Some fans believe she doesn’t stay at home with anyone else in Flagstaff. 

As mentioned, she seems very private, so, understandably, she doesn’t like to put herself out on TV for everyone to see. In other words, she is highly unlikely to film for a season.

Watch this space for more Sister Wives news, spoilers, and updates.

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