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‘Sister Wives’: Gwen Reveals She’s In A Relationship With Her New Girlfriend [Photos]

Much to the delight of Sister Wives fans, Gwen Brown has revealed she is in a relationship with her new girlfriend.

Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter Gwen recently announced that she has a girlfriend. The Sister Wives celeb even went Instagram official.

Gwen Brown never tried to hide her sexual orientation. To recap, she came out as bisexual in 2021. Now, she is sparing no effort to ensure a successful relationship.

Kody has been catching flak from his children, including Gween after Christine left him. Notably, Gwendlyn isn’t happy with how Kody treats his family and is openly expressing her frustration.

Sister Wives: Gwen Announces She Has A New Girlfriend

Aside from this, Gwen is trying to figure out who will be in her future. Taking to her Instagram account recently, she shared some exciting news with her followers.

It looks like Gwen is happily in a new relationship. According to Gwen, the mystery woman’s name is Beatriz Queiroz or Noel.


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The duo posed in the living room for some really cute photos. In the fourth photo, Gwen and Bea are looking lovingly into one another’s eyes.

Gwen wore a mustard yellow mini skirt, while Beo wore all black. She replied to one of her follower’s questions, saying she’s her “girlfriend!”

Gwen updated her Twitter bio to share that she was a “raging bisexual” during the pandemic, as per a report by ScreenRant. Despite receiving criticism from some netizens, many came forward to show Gwen support.

Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

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