‘Sister Wives:’ Christine Celebrates Her First Birthday Since Leaving Kody [Photo]

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown is giving her social media followers a never-before-seen glimpse into her life at 50 via her latest post.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives seems to be enjoying her life after splitting from husband Kody Brown in her recent post. This week, the fan-favorite reality TV personality hit the big 5-0 milestone.

The now-50-year-old transformed into a flapper straight from the 1920s to celebrate her birthday. Her fans believe she looks fantastic.

Taking to her social media account on Monday, Gwendlyn Brown shared a picture that shows her mom and sister prepping for a festive event. In the pic, both Christine and her daughter Ysabel Brown are dressed up like flappers.

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Gwen donned a pin-striped suit out of the iconic era. All three ladies looked as if they were out of the same era. Notably, it appears that all three ladies were headed for a flapper-themed party, as per a report by Soap Dirt.

Christine Celebrates First Birthday Afer Kody Split

This is the first year Christine spent her birthday as a single woman. To recall, she would ideally join Kody for a romantic dinner. However, with her relationship with the Sister Wives patriarch deteriorating, it looks like she decided to spend the big day with the rest of the family members, without Kody.

Sister Wives Fans Want Christine To Find A More Caring Significant Other

Christine is sparing no effort in a bid to look for a fairytale relationship for herself. Moreover, she wants a relationship where her mate only has eyes for her.

Further, she refuses to live a polygamous lifestyle again. Like most reality stars, she makes videos for her fans upon their request. However, it is worth noting that there is a fee for this.

Sometimes, Christine ends up revealing things that fans weren’t aware of in these videos. For instance, in one of such videos, she admitted that she is looking for romance.

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Christine lives in Utah, where some of her adult kids and her first biological grandchild live. Her son Paedon Brown urged his fans to check out his mom’s digital cooking show while singing her praises for being a great mom.

While Christine seems to be doing well cooking for the masses, her fans want to see cameras follow her around as she spends her daily life. Moreover, fans would love to see her dating life unfold if she starts dating.

Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

Sister Wives Christine Brown 50th birthday

5 thoughts on “‘Sister Wives:’ Christine Celebrates Her First Birthday Since Leaving Kody [Photo]”

  1. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you enjoyed yourself!! You look like your SO much happier now that you left Kody. I wish you nothing but the best.???❤️

  2. just wish the eyebrows weren’t drawn in.. But I am old and we used to get rid of caterpillar eyebrows, now they are the rage. O well, I think she looks lovely and happy for a change. xoxo;0

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