‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shares A Reminder After Kody Brown Split

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“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown took to Instagram Sunday – following her split from Kody Brown – to share a reminder that one needs to pay attention to themselves too.

“Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life, like reading an actual book, not my kindle app, an actual book, that’s reminds me how to take time for myself and reset for the day!” she captioned her own photo while reading a book.

She also added hashtags like #reading #readingabook #simplelife and #blessed.


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A post shared by Christine Brown (@christine_brownsw)

Fans took to the comments section to share their response to Brown.

“Please write a book!! I would love to hear about your story from your point of view,” one of the fans requested.

“We’re all rooting for you. You had the courage & strength to strive for a better life for you & your kids. You give us all strength & encouragement that we can do it as well one day,” Another fan wrote. “There’s light, love & true happiness after the dark times have passed.”

A user commented, “Christine! You glorious goddess, I admire you as a woman and a mother and I’m so happy that you are putting yourself and your kids first” while another viewer wrote, “So glad you packed Cody’s bags ??? good on ya your a beautiful women and deserve to be loved, your better looking than Robin his loss.”

“Strong woman. Class act. The fact that Janelle’s kids love you like a second mom, speaks volumes to who you are,” a fan wrote to support Brown.

“I have been a big fan of the show since day 1, I was always admired how you wives raised your children,” another fan commented. “Watching the clips for season finale, made my heart hurt for you. You loved your family and gave it your all. You deserve better and you will get what you deserve! It’s clear that there is only 1 wife Kody is committed too. I wish you peace, success, love and true partnership moving forward.”

Brown announced on Instagram that she had ended her marriage with Kody, who was previously married to Janelle, 52, Robyn, 43, and Meri, 50. What do you think about their split? Let us know in the comments section below. For more updates on the reality TV show, keep watching this space.


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1 thought on “‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shares A Reminder After Kody Brown Split”

  1. So proud of Christine for fleeing an emotionally abusive relationship. She and her children have been ignored and mistreated by Cody way too long! We saw Ysabel’s face at Ari’s odd party. We know how hurt Ysabel was when he was too tied up with Robyn to be with his daughter during surgery. You all deserve better! Is there recourse in this religion for blatant abuse?

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