Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan News Exaggeration Was Done By Media

Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan News: Exaggeration Was Done By Media

Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan News Exaggeration Was Done By MediaIt happened for the first time when Shah Rukh Khan openly spoke about him and Salman Khan. Post to their re-union which is still talk of the town, Shah Rukh Khan said, it is media who over-dramatized our fight. Salman and his fight was never the way media made out.

During an event Shah Rukh Khan was asked about his famous patch up with Salman Khan. For over dramatizing the fight though everything was not all hunky-dory, Shah Rukh blamed the media for it. He added, there was never bad blood between SRK and Salman or their families.

According to a source, Because we are in Bollywood, people do over dramatize things. Shah Rukh says, it has been a long and good relationship between both our families, so it was never like going to some new place. Our relationship with other people is not exactly same what is being presented outside by media. The world has witnessed the actual relationship of ours at Arpita’s wedding.

The two biggest Khans of the industry share. They two hit off big time at Arpita’s sangeet ceremony and then reception. In fact Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan danced away to glory at Arpita’s reception, also announcing to the world that the long standing friction was mere media creation.

However, we are glad to see these two Superstar Khans together and pray that they stay together always. And like they did reunion, even their fans should stop negative comments against each other on social media and join hands. We hope this might not only raise more “Being Humans” but also more SRKians along with business of Bollywood.

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