‘RHOA’: Kenya Slams Martell While Sheree Says She Igores Red Flags

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part one centered on the group’s reaction over Sheree and Marlo securing the seats next to Andy. 

Notably, this is the first time Sheree and Marlo have secured seats next to Andy. So, they get straight to business without wasting any time.

Sheree claims she doesn’t remember shading Kandi on the current season of the show. However, she criticized things Kandi said on Speak On It.

Kandi, on the other hand, says she will return the energy she receives. Aside from this, Sheree’s romance with Martell Holt is also discussed.


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Andy thinks Martell is a good-looking man, as per a report by Urbanbellemag. Martell ends up asking Sheree about the bad things he’s read and asks Martell what he did to his ex-wife.

Kenya reveals that Martell cheated on Melody Holt “multiple times.” Furthermore, she claims he got another woman pregnant. 

Sheree admits she doesn’t pay a lot of attention to red flags. Nevertheless, Martell is a nicer person. Meanwhile, Sanya and Drew are not making any progress.

They’ve been trying to get to the root of their issue for quite some time now. Kandi and Marlo are in the same situation well.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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