Kris Jenner Reveals Her Favorite, Debunks Rumors On ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’

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Kris Jenner appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Thursday night. She was put in the hot seat.

Kylie Jenner was accompanying the momager, who took a polygraph test. During the test, Kris answered several questions and put rumors surrounding her famous family to rest.

It was pretty easy in the beginning with Corden asking Kris if her family has any overseas tax shelters. She went on to reveal that they don’t, as per a report by Pop Sugar.

Kris Jenner Debunks Rumors On ‘The Late Late Show’

However, Kylie asked Kris if she is her favorite child. Corden later asked her if she played a vital role in releasing her daughter Kim Kardashian’s infamous 2007 s-x tape.

“I can’t go home,” Kris joked.

Corden then prodded about how she feels about Kourtney and Travis Baker’s PDA. He asked questions about whether her boyfriend Corey Gamble, is husband material. 

“We’re clearing everything up today,” Kris said. “I like this game.” Towards the end of the show, Kris revealed whether Kendall Jenner has learned how to cut a cucumber properly.

Overall, Kris settled things once and for all during her polygraph test. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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